Against The Current, Days Like These, LOLA @ Jive, Adelaide 3/10/2023

In a world where content is paramount, your brand interchangeable and exposure critical, you would be hard pressed to find anyone as influential and steadfast in our music scene as Against The Current’s vocalist Chrissy Costanza.

The rise of you tube videos and gaming platforms are the norm for artists to express their art in this new generation however is the quality there? The line up that reaches two blocks away half hour before doors open is an indication to that answer.

This means when 2022 South Australia’s Music Awards best new artists LOLA take the stage, the venue is already packed to the rafters and they band live up to their billing.

Opening with What’s The Point and Billionaires, the Adelaide quartet are a venom injected rage constrained by their surroundings and bursting to be let loose.

Vocalist Billy Burns jumps on the speakers and riffs away as the tangible energy radiates throughout, the audience thoroughly enjoying the performance which is over far too soon amidst the bands banter and music.

Brisbane duo Days Like These are something else altogether again but no less potent. The duo, vocalist Callen Batson and drummer Noah Murphy, are flanked by a shape shifting, snake hip twirling guitarist Ralphie. They combine metal with dance music, a dash of pop and healthy pouring of fashion style that make them a joy to behold.

The crowds’ arms are waving from the first song through to clapping during tracks like Foolish and Embrace You as catchy melody after another get constantly set ablaze by heavy breakdowns before being soothed by a beat that you can dance to in an 80’s nightclub.

There’s even a reggae influence in the music that has me reaching for the download button as the sold-out venue is visibly entranced and spellbound by the magnetic performance.

Which brings us to the question earlier of whether a band of the new internet generation can perform in a live setting?

The band burst out with Good Guy which while being an upbeat powered number has vocalist Chrissy Costanza giving the big middle finger throughout.

The audience absolutely love it as they bounce during Wildfire, Again and Again and Jump. Every song is full of energy and vibrancy, as Costanza twirls around the tight stage with the enthusiasm of an arena superstar.

For their part, the audience sing every word and the ‘oh’ moments in Strangers Again are so well done you’d think the band and crowd had been practicing for days. Everything is in exquisite sync.

The band themselves have good banter between themselves but it’s Costanza ability to speak to the whole room – and being thankful the balcony doesn’t have scorecards – that set them apart. They are funny as well as extremely talented.

Paralyzed is electrifying, Another You prompts a punter to scream ‘that was pretty good’ which prompts laughter all round while ‘Roses’ is beautifully ethereal and the venues disco ball and stars in the sky moment is the perfect setting.

The band have been here for two days and wax lyrical before the stunning run home of Gravity, the should-be-a-Bond-themesong Legends Never Die and finally Weapon and not once do the band slow down.

Costanza mentions Taylor Swift as an influence however I think more Pat Benatar, the songs are timeless, the voice never wavers throughout the set and the performance infectious. So, to answer that question from earlier? Undoubtedly. Against The Current are the real deal and you should make time to check them out.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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