Short Stack Kick Off Their Regional (Ish) Tour This Week

‘Our music is high energy and fun. It doesn’t really matter how old the band is, it’s for fans of all ages. It’s a lovely feeling seeing a mum and their seven year old kid singing our music or a bunch of 13 year old guys who found our stuff online and really like it. It’s humbling.’

Bradie Webb, drummer of Australia’s pop punk pioneers Short Stack is grateful and appreciative of the fact his band keeps coming back bigger and better.

Last years album Maybe There’s No Heaven dropped after a hiatus and instantly the band were back on the top of the charts, the Spotify playlists and your TV screens. An upcoming regional tour and end of year crescendo that is Good Things Festival to come, and Bradie is grateful for the opportunities.

‘Yeah, we are so lucky that the momentum and everything isn’t slowing down, so the plan is to keep playing as much as possible if people want to see and hear us’.

‘Even though everyone is really enjoying our new stuff as much as are old stuff, we don’t ever want to be one of those bands that gets too full of themselves .. ‘we’re only gonna play one song from 2009!’.., we understand that some of our biggest songs are from thirteen years ago. So it’s going to be a bit of mix. When you think of all our singles and video clips , that’s pretty much our entire set.’

Supports from Heavenshe, fronted by Jenna McDougall of Tonight Alive fame and Melbourne’s cutting edge The Beautiful Monument round out the 13 date tour around Australia for the comeback band, it does lead to ask ‘what’s different this time?’

‘It’s a boring answer, we grew up a lot more and became dads. I think when you become a parent you learn a lot more about yourself. We don’t sweat the small things either about each other, you tolerate a lot more.’

‘Just being grateful for the position we are in. You see so many young bands so desperate to actually just play a show. So having the opportunity to play shows and having people singing our songs. Not just the old stuff, they are singing the new stuff too. We are so grateful, it’s that humble attitude of being very thankful.’

While the band do have plans to go back into the studio early next year, Bradie is always finding ways to give back to the art that has given him so much by running a drum school for children.

‘I guess we always think of ourselves as a group of three but once I started teaching drums to children I found a purpose and I’m passionate about it, I believe in it. It’s my channel for giving back to the music world, helping kids out and giving them a good opportunity. It’s just important because everyone has their own way of expressing themselves through music – it could be uploading you tube covers or trying to be the biggest artist in the world – and working with kids and trying to understand what they want out of it. That helps build their confidence cause that’s something I found through drums and music. The huge amount of confidence I got and it’s helped me with every other area in life. I’m giving back.’

Interview By Iain McCallum

Catch Short Stack on the following dates, tickets HERE

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