Young Lions Celebrate Ten Years Of ‘Burn’

Brisbane rock band Young Lions kick off their Burn 10 Year Anniversary Tour in a couple of weeks. 2013 was a stellar year for Young Lions. They released their debut LP, signed a record deal and played their first ever live shows. In October of that year, they also released what was arguably one of their most critically acclaimed albums, Burn. Ten years on, Young Lions are celebrating its anniversary with a national headlining tour performing the album in its entirety, as well as some other Young Lions classics across their other three albums.

Burn received critical acclaim upon its release, with many praising the band’s ability to blend different genres into a cohesive sound. The album also gained the attention of major publications earning them a top 40 berth in triple j’s Short. Fast. Loud. 2013 listener poll. The ten-track LP showcased the band’s unique blend of post-hardcore and alternative rock. The album’s success helped to establish Young Lions as a force to be reckoned with in the Australian music scene. They went on to tour extensively in support of Burn, playing shows across Australia. Vocalist Morgan Castle tells Hi Fi Way more about Burn and the tour.

Is it hard to keep a lid on the excitement for this tour coming up?
Yeah a little bit! I think it’s going to be fun recognising faces of old fans in the crowd. And being out playing shows with the fellas is always incredible.

How has the energy been in rehearsals?
We’re all usually tired from work or something before entering, but that mood changes immediately. It’s only great energy when we’re all together playing music.

Can you believe it is the tenth anniversary of Burn?
It’s a wild ride looking back on ten years – it’s kinda hard to put into words. It definitely makes me feel old, but also reminds me how fortunate I am to be able to play music around Australia.

What moments stand out proudly from the time it was released?
For me, just being apart of a complete record was a huge moment. The crowds and their engagement with our music that followed is what stood out to me as well. I knew I was a part of something really special.

What do you recall about the challenges of making the album?
The album was recorded instrumentally before Zach joined the band – so I’d say our biggest hurdle was finding a vocalist in the first place haha. But as we all know, Zach is an absolute master of lyrics and melodies, so that hurdle was overcome and lead to the creation of Burn.

Has it been a bit of a process relearning some of these songs?
Absolutely! We haven’t played most of these songs for around five years. It all comes back together quickly when we’re in a rehearsal room together though.

What is your favourite songs from Burn to play live?
The Runner and the Fighter is definitely a collective favourite. It’s just big and energetic. Personally I really enjoy playing Frail Futures.

Are you looking to play it start to end plus the classics?
We’re probably going to mix it up a little bit! But we’ll be keeping that a secret!

Were the supports hand picked by the band for this tour?
Yeah we always like to pick our own supports to make it a night to remember. We also consider it a great opportunity to share music with our fans that they may not have heard before.

Beyond the tour what is the plan for the band, new music?
New music is definitely a priority for us all. We’d also like to play more shows in northern Queensland. We always have a blast up there.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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