Home, I’m Darling by Therry Theatre at the Arts Theatre until August 26 2023

Home I’m Darling is the latest play put on by Therry Theatre at the Arts Theatre. This is a fun and well-acted play about a couple called Judy and Johnny who are living in a devilled egg, pastel-hued 1950s but we soon learn that the play is set in the here and now. It is a thought-provoking play which looks at the complexity of women’s choices and whether nostalgia is a good thing or not. This play was written by Laura Wade who won an Olivier Award for it when it was first performed in London in 2019.

For the Adelaide production, Jude Hines is the director who has directed many plays in Adelaide and most recently “One for the Pot” and “Bedside Manners” for Therry. In 2024 I look forward to Jude directing the musical “Jersey Boys” During the scene changes during the play we were treated to some fantastic tunes of the period like Doris Day and Bobby Darin and many of the audience were singing along to these songs.

The second part of the play opened with a flashback to show us how the couple started this journey back to the 50s.

For acting my highest praise would go to Alicia Zorkovic as Judy and Stephen Bills as Johnny. They were absolutely believable as this couple who both had secrets to keep from each other. Deborah Walsh played Judy’s mother Sylvia and was superb. In her speech late in the play she voices her infuriation of her daughter’s choices and about how the 50s were not as rosy as Judy thought received a huge cheer from the crowd.

For this play, I would also mention the fantastic costumers Gilian Cordell and Sandy Faithful. What Judy was wearing, in particular, was stunning and authentic.

Congratulations Therry Dramatic Society for another wonderful play and on your 80-year anniversary this year.

Theatre Review By Richard De Pizzol

Home, I’m Darling runs to Saturday 26 August at the Arts Theatre. Tickets HERE

Photo Credit: Don Oswald

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