Jess Hitchcock On New Album ‘Unbreakable’

Singer-songwriter Jess Hitchcock releases her new album Unbreakable – encouraging others to persevere and overcome the challenges of their youth. Jess serenades us with an achingly beautiful reminder that we can find power in ourselves to become Unbreakable. Unbreakable features an array of stunning material that has adorned playlists across the year – first single, I Don’t Have The Heart, On My Own, and the Nash Chambers produced, country tinged Homeward Bound. Jess answers some questions for Hi Fi Way about the single.

How exciting is the build up to your new album Unbreakable?
I’m excited to put new music out into the world and to have new stories to tell.

How did you feel when it was finished and you couldn’t do anything further with it?
Honestly I don’t think I ever got to that point! I am a bit of a perfectionist and still when I listen to it there are things I want to change or re-do. But at some point you have to let it go and know that not everyone isn’t listening to it with the scrutiny that I am.

Was it hard letting go of these songs that had been with you for a while?
Some songs hold a bigger emotional space than others and releasing those into the world is hard. But as humans we all have similar experiences somewhere along the line and finding a song that speaks to something you went through makes you feel connected. I hope the songs I write do that for people.

Did everything go to plan in the studio?
A lot of this album was done via zoom, so I guess yes and also no is that answer to that question. Ideally I would have been face to face with a lot of the people working on this, I ended up in a studio only twice for the whole album. The rest was done at home.

On reflection can you believe how much work goes into a new album?
It’s actually kind of baffling. The writing and recording of the music is probably the easiest part of it all. It’s everything that comes after that, so that people actually listen to it, is what is baffling.

What’s the story behind the single On My Own?
On My Own is about finding that strength to leave a toxic relationship, for yourself but also for the people around you. It’s about recognising the sign of when someone is bringing you down and not lifting you up.

Sonically, how would you describe your sound on this album?
This album is country, pop, acoustic. It’s a little taste of lots of things really. But overall its the storytelling that ties it all together.

Who are some of your biggest musical heroes?
Dolly Parton is my favourite, Ella Fitzgerald cause she ignited my love for singing, Amber Mark for her total brilliance, Paul Kelly for his songwriting and being the ultimate championing of young Australian Artists.

Are you planning to go out on tour around the country for the album release?
I will be doing a small tour through July and August to launch the album. But I am always on the road somewhere and lots more shows coming in 2024.

What’s next for Jess Hitchcock?
I am always working on the next thing, have started writing for another album, currently writing an opera and still singing my own music everywhere I can.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Unbreakable is out Friday 30 June

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