At The Movies: The Innocent

Abel learns his 60-year-old mother is marrying Michel, a man in prison. Abel freaks out and with the help of his best friend, Clemence, he will do whatever it takes to protect his mother. Set in Lyon, France, the movie is fast paced at the beginning, taking in a lot of information about the characters. We meet Abel’s mother, Sylvie, helping in a prison where she meets Michel. They get to know each other and soon are getting married, while Michel is still in prison.

When he is finally released, the pace of the movie slows a little, as they move in together. However, Abel is not convinced Michel has gone straight and starts to follow him everywhere. Could Michel really be going straight after all?

The Innocent is a joyous homage to crime capers and is a mixture of comedy, romance on several levels, suspense and action. There are also several twists in the tale, but you will have to see the movie to see what they are and how they pan out.

Louis Garrel, who plays the son Abel, also directed and co-wrote this charming French movie. While he takes his role as Abel seriously, he is also quite the comedian when required. Watching the movie, you soon become caught up with the characters and the scenes happening around you, although getting caught off guard a few times.

The movie does pack a lot into it’s 99 minutes (even less as this includes the credits). There is always something happening on the screen that requires your attention. But in the end the movie aims to please, and does so with ease. If you are looking for an enjoyable afternoon/evening at the movies, with a few laughs and some unpredictable twists, The Innocent is the movie for you.

Movie Review by Geoff Jenke

The Innocent at Palace Nova Cinema’s.

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