Watty Thompson Goes Track By Track On His Debut Album

On his debut album and in a gloriously unabashed Antipodean drawl, Watty Thompson explores themes of inward and outward love, togetherness, and a desire to strive and live beyond the material. It’s affirming, joyous and inspiring, all played out against a background of rollicking country flavoured Australiana folk. Like it says on the tin, a little bit country, a little bit folk, 100% heart.

Off the back of the singles Jenny, The Beauty That Surrounds Ya, City To Run and the most recent The Only Heart I’m Breakin’ (Is My Own), the singer songwriter and his expansive collective of like minded troubadours have won an audience drawn to the loving space his new music is creating.

To celebrate the release of his self-titled debut, Hi Fi Way caught up with Watty on the Victorian Otways for a guided tour through the tracks on the album.

By Your Side

“A tribute to dear friends and the importance of being there for one another.”


“A lot of blokes in this country are not great at expressing their emotions and in turn not being able to be there emotionally for their partners as they struggle to piece together words of support. Written from first-hand experience as all of these tunes are. Once you realise a downfall though you can begin to work on it and improve. I’m learning that life is about exciting growth.”

A Revolving Lament

“A little ditty about a love/hate relationship with the grog and living in a country where it’s hard to get away from the stuff.

City To Run

“It’s, the tale of leaving the big smoke and moving back to the country. A tongue-in-cheek, scathing and brutally honest rock-and-roll take on the best decision that’s ever been made for myself and my music – with some pigeons, wombats and other colourful characters thrown in.”

The Only Heart I’m Breaking (Is My Own)

“A little reminder to be kinder to yourself. There’s no point going through life beating yourself up.”

Through and Through

“A love song and tale of the chance meeting of the love of my life Bertha in the southwest Victorian bush. A meeting that would prove life changing, putting me on a wondrous path that has led to us being where we are at today.”

The Beauty That Surrounds Ya

“The importance of stopping and taking a moment away from the chaos of the modern day to remind ourselves of how beautiful life is and just how lucky we are to be on this incredible planet living it.”

Four Chooks

“Another love song for Bertha, envisioning what life might look like together further down the wondrous road to the future. Recorded live in a bush theatre and art gallery that is ran by Berthas Uncle Andy.”

On Your Shoulder

“Without sounding like a quote from a couch cushion at Kmart, this one’s about not giving up on your dreams”.

Mountain Sage

“A summary of the grief felt after losing my Mum while including some sage wisdom on the matter passed onto me by a wise man on a mountain top. A complete spilling of the guts but also hope to provide a sense of comfort to others who are navigating grief.”

Coming Home

“The all too familiar story of losing a friend who unexpectedly decides to depart earth on their own accord.”

Watty Thompson the debut LP is out now through Cheatin’ Hearts Records

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