Melvinator, the new punk-meets-EDM project from Eric Melvin – founding member and guitarist of legendary punk rock outfit, NOFX – has today announced the release of his debut album The Rise Of The Melvinator set for release on May 12th, 2023 via Bottles To The Ground.

The announcement is punctuated by the release of new single Regaining Unconsciousness and its accompanying new music video.

Speaking on the news of his debut album and the release of Regaining Unconsciousness, Eric Melvin shares:

“I am so thankful for the love and support for the first ever Melvinator single, ‘American Errorist’ from last year. This exciting journey continues with this next release, ‘Regaining Unconsciousness’, one of my favourite NOFX tracks. The lyrics are as relevant today as ever, and the Melvinator version was such a blast to create. I can’t wait to share it!

I am grateful for the space to explore my passions for Punk Rock & EDM and celebrate songs that NOFX fans know and love as much as I do.

Along with American Errorist, Regaining Unconsciousness will be on my debut album, ‘The Rise of the Melvinator’ which will be dropping soon. I’m stoked!”

With a packed schedule for 2023, Melvinator has teamed up with long-time friend, bandmate, and label boss Fat Mike as one of the first signings to his new label Bottles To The Ground. With the announcement of Rise Of The Melvinator, he will offer fans brand new versions of NOFX staples. Produced by Fat Mike and recorded over the course of two years alongside producer Baz The Frenchman (NOFX – The Decline at Red Rocks) and Danny Lohner of Nine Inch Nails, the project continues Eric Melvin’s exploration of the do-it-yourself links between punk rock & EDM.


  1. American Errorist
  2. Suits And Ladders
  3. Bottles To The Ground
  4. Drop The World (Melissa’s Version)
  5. I Believe In Goddess
  6. Regaining Unconsciousness
  7. Reeko
  8. American Errorist (BAZ Remix)
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