Edie’s Inspiration For ‘Front Row’

Drawing deep inspiration from 90’s pop-rock, fandoms of yesteryear & film soundtracks that shaped her youth, EDIE brings a fervent and heated new track to kick off the year. Front Row is a personal exploration of obsession & love, conveying the mind’s power to create an entirely fantasized relationship about an individual, who may not even know that you exist. Moody & brooding, it builds with roaring guitars, 90’s fuzz & driving drums. Front Row is as at home in a 90’s rom-com as it is across airwaves, house parties & clubs, in 2023.

Front Row allows EDIE to ruminate the thoughts & emotions of an entirely single-sided & fantasized relationship, with the all-encompassing nature then vocalized through song. Partnering with Dylan Ollivierre (Holy Holy, Tia Gostelow, Meg Mac) in his personal studio. via a co-write with WAM award-winning Finn Pearson, the Australian songwriter & producer grasped EDIE’s vision for the track; blending sonic elements of 90’s chart-toppers with modern production & instrumentation. Rounding out production, WA’s dynamic duo Andrew Lawson (End Of Fashion, Tired Lion, Eskimo Joe) & William Bowden (Paul Dempsey, Hermitute, Empire of The Sun) handled mixing & mastering.

Accompanying Front Row is a music video that plays on EDIE’s 90’s film & rom-com influences, seeing her portrayed as the protagonist in a story capturing the relationship between a fan in the “front row” & the lead singer of the band. Whether what is seen is real, a figment of EDIE’s vivid imagination or the attempted manifestation of a love story, remains to be seen. The final scenes see a typically innocent EDIE, dressed in black, surrounded by candles, effigies to her love & other ritualistic instruments, appearing to summon other-worldly assistance to fulfill her desires.

Edie’s Front Row Inspirations:

Marina (fka Marina and the Diamonds) made me want to pursue music. Her style is so unique and incredibly influential, she’s never afraid to say exactly what she feels in her lyrics.

Taylor Swift
Taylor’s one of those artists where the more I’ve grown, the more I have come to appreciate her as an incredible songwriter.

Avril Lavigne
Hearing What the Hell for the first time when I was a kid was life changing. I wanted to be exactly like her

Miley Cyrus
Miley’s stage presence is out of this world. Watching her growth and her journey from when I was little until now is truly aspiring

Gwen Stefani
My first CD was Gwen Stefani’s Love Angel Music Baby and I used to pretend I was her performing. She was the first singer where I knew I wanted to do exactly what she does.

I grew up listening to their amazing song writing and no one does harmonies like ABBA! Also the outfits are truly inspirational.

Joan Jett
As I got older, I started to listen to Joan Jett more and more. Her stage presence and effortlessly cool look is something I seek to achieve.

I first discovered Halsey in my 2014 tumblr days and she sounded unlike anyone I had every heard before. Truly life changing.

Hayley William’s incredible vocal range and stage persona was a strong influence growing up. Her energy is something I try to carry with me in my own music.

The way she uses her entire body while she performs is so captivating. She made me want to commit to my performance and not be afraid to really feel what I’m singing.

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