Greg Gould Releases New Single ‘Marching On’

It might have been ten years ago when Greg Gould was runner up of Australia’s Got Talent but he’s finally making tracks, his own tracks with new single Marching On, a powerful anthemic song for the LBGTQI community. Having recently been in Sydney for World Pride, performing and celebrating, Gould is now forging a new chapter in his career by telling his own stories with new original music. Answering some questions for Hi Fi Way he was excited to share new music and news.

It seems it’s been a very busy time for you the past few months. Between world Pride and releasing new music, how has it all been for you?
It’s been crazy busy but also very special. Being in Sydney for World Pride, there was such a beautiful feeling in the air. This song is really my first step as an original artist – it’s very special to me and it feels like I’m finally having my own words heard as an artist.

You’ve released your new single Marching On. What’s the song about?
It’s about my community but also all minorities. Anyone who’s had to fight to be heard, to be treated equally and to be seen as themselves. It’s about how far we have come, the shoulders we stand on to be who we are but also (and you only have to look at the world at the moment) how far we still have to go.

How does it feel to be able to release some original music?
It feels empowering and special. I’ve had a lot of false starts in my career, so it feels like I’m finally stepping out as me.

The song is very anthemic. Your vocals are fierce. What were you thinking and feeling when you recorded it?
I knew when I wrote this with my dear friend Tony Chilvers that we had something powerful. I wanted to capture the emotion, the power, the fight and the celebration.

How was the process of writing and recording Marching On? Who did you work with on the record?
As I just mentioned I co-wrote the music with my friend Tony and the strings were written by Ryan Youens who also did the strings for Synthony which is a big show that I’m currently touring. It was actually super-fast, we wrote the lyrics and melody in about an hour across the kitchen table. It started as more of a Rise Like A Phoenix (Conchita Wurst) track but ended up a lot more like Rag n Bone man which I’m very happy about as it’s very me. I actually sang the vocals without music – just a click track in my ear, and then the music was created around my vocals. Everything about this process felt really natural, raw and organic.

With World Pride in Sydney this year, how was it being involved with some of the events?
It was electric. I’ve never felt more united and free. I was very proud and honoured to be part of it.

What were your favourite moments about World Pride?
Walking down Oxford St with my closest friend feeling on top of the world and excited to of performed my original music for the first time ever.

With so many things happening with your career at the moment, how does it feel to be moving in such a positive way with your own music and being involved with the process and direction?
Being an independent queer artist it’s very exciting and I definitely have lots to say. My new music is fresh, powerful and very personal. It will definitely be like shedding skin and telling my story so far.

Not only is your music coming along nicely but you recently got engaged. Congratulations! Any dates set for the wedding?
Awww funny you should ask we actually talked about the wedding at dinner tonight. We have started planning and I’m very excited. He’s an amazing human.

Has important milestones like this in your life directed your song writing, in the sense of writing about and being an advocate for LBGTQI community and further pushing for equality and other rights?
I write from the heart. Sometimes I’m in my feelings about something and that comes out in the song. I’ll always sing from the most raw, real and honest place. I have a lot to say on my new original body of work.

Are there more singles or music on the cards for release? What are the plans for the rest of the year?
Lots and lots of new original music and a few surprises along the way. Expect the unexpected and also lots of performing. I love performing my new originals LIVE! I think I really need to bring my original music Adelaide!!!

Interview By Anastasia Lambis

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