“You Talkin’ To Me?” – Montana Sharp

Making the decision in 2022 to quit her day job and pursue her dream life as a working musician, Montana Sharp has continuously established herself as an eccentric and unapologetic purveyor of art-rock and sublime creative direction.

Fusing complex classic chord structures and motifs alongside modern and innovative pop, Montana’s debut 2022 EP Blood Moon firmly showcased the Melbourne singer-songwriter’s classical background, innovative arrangements and mesmerising vocals, while also acting as a snapshot of the near-universal experience of life in your early twenties.

“New year, new me! It feels wonderful to get back into releasing, and I feel a lot more relaxed this time round,” shares Montana. “Bar the obvious difference in levels of difficulty, I often liken releasing music to raising children – you’re often stricter with the first child because you’re the most scared and don’t know what you’re doing, and then with the rest that follows, you loosen the reins a bit and have more trust and fun with it.”

Something delectable this way comes, with Montana Sharp’s emphatic new track Something Wicked an edgier offering from the innovative Melbourne art-work dynamo following her coming-of-age 2022 debut EP Blood Moon, but one entirely in keeping with the ever-growing powerhouse status Montana commands. Putting a modern spin on the symbolism of wickedness and villainy via the accompanying music video for Something Wicked, this new track from Montana Sharp is an enticing blend of empowerment and soulful temptations.

In less than 50 words describe your music and yourself.
5”8 brunette Jewish dreamboat with chronic IBS has a powerhouse voice and writes songs with unconventional chord progressions about how it really is. Likes Dogs.

What was the first rock/pop concert you attended?
Does The Wiggles count? No? Then I think it was Christina Perri. I saw her at the Palais in 2011 with my dad.

Punk or Goth Music:

Who are you excited about, music wise, at the moment?
Kathleen. Coolest songwriter ever! She also does an amazing cover of Pure Imagination (Willy Wonka). I particularly love her song San Andreas.

The Best live artist/band you’ve seen:
Kelly Clarkson is definitely up there. So is Missy Higgins!

Your “In the mood for love” song:
Pony – Ginuwine

What are you currently reading?
I’m so sorry but I’ve barely cracked a book open since I finished high school. I’m currently reading the subtitles on this Grey’s Anatomy episode I’m watching.

Your favourite Sunday morning chill out record?
I don’t really listen to chill music because it usually makes me feel the opposite of chill. Maybe Stoned at the Nail Salon by Lorde?

Which song do you wish you had written?
You Oughta Know – Alanis Morrissette.

Author Manuel Puig said “I’m not terribly happy about rock and roll. Rock music is uninspiring, numbing; it makes you feel like an idiot.” Discuss.
I wish I COULD discuss this with Manuel because I don’t understand this quote at all. Rock music gets my blood pumping, it literally gets me walking double time down the street. Also, a lot of rock music is actually super musically complex and sophisticated, so wrong on both counts.

Vinyl, Cassette, CD, MP3 or Streaming?
I think I’m the MP3 generation. I do miss the sound of CD’s when they have a scratch on them though.

If you could hang out with any music artist, in a bar one afternoon, who would it be?
Freddie Mercury, he just seems like he’d be so much fun to be around. Plus, we’d look great together in our fabulous outfits.

What is your worst habit?
I suffer from dermatillomania from time to time, so I’d say skin picking is definitely my worst habit.

How often do you look at your mobile phone?
A more apt question would be “how often do you NOT look at your mobile phone”. I’m not sharing what my screen time is because it’s embarrassing.

Any good backstage stories?
I did a gig in 2021 where the venue lost the pedal to their keyboard, so my guitarist and I had to redo the whole set about ten minutes before the audience arrived. He saved the day on that day. So did vodka.

An alien lands on Earth and wants to know what Rock and roll sounds like. What song do you play them?
AC/DC’s Highway to Hell

Favourite all time TV show:

What is your specialty in the kitchen?
My specialty is letting someone else take care of the cooking. They’re so lucky.

With whom would you like to record a song with?
Barbra Streisand. I’d die.

You have tickets to see The Killers and Bruce Springsteen, but they are on the same night. Which one do you attend?
Probably Bruce Springsteen! I don’t know too many songs by the Killers. Sue me!

Where do you hope to be in twelve months?
On my own private tropical island with a tan and a cocktail. I am free of all responsibilities and consequences. The weather is a comfortable twenty seven degrees Celsius. Life is good.

Interview by Geoff Jenke

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