The Vanns Release New Single ‘Ever’

The VANNS have made their return for 2023, coming out the gates swinging with new music, as a bright new chapter awaits. Today, the group shares their new single for the year in Ever, the first track lifted from their long awaited new studio album, Last Of Your Kind.

The road to Last Of Your Kind has been a long, though fruitful one, as The VANNS have been kept busy on the road and in the studio, pouring experiences and lessons learned into sessions, fusing them beautifully with new sonic inspirations. As fans’ first taste of the album, Ever is striking in its tone and feel; offering an insight to The VANNS in 2023, vibrant and engaging as…ever.

“Thematically, ‘Ever’ is about the breakdown of a relationship that seemed to have all the boxes ticked as it pertains to the future and longevity of it all. The assumption that you’ll be with a person for life after constantly being reassured that nothing will ever change between the two of you, and when it ends, you’re left with a bevy of questions why and suppressed emotions that you’re dying to express. It’s a desire for answers, understanding, and, if attainable, some kind of closure.” The VANNS

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