Saosin, Alt., Heartline @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 12/3/2023

Last time Saosin graced these shores was thirteen years ago and tonight they arrive in Adelaide nearing the end of successful return. Lead by the enigmatic front man Anthony Green, the softly spoken singer gushes over the love from the crowd, made up of predominantly people who are not male, and reciprocates in kind with touching moments of emotion.

Before the love fest commences, the bill has two of Adelaide’s finest starting with Heartline. There’s a good turn out for a band that keeps working hard at their craft and we are seeing the results as they come out energetic and that enthusiasm pays off in belters like DELOREAN and As The Crows Flies.

Front man Luke Taylor’s voice mixes the growls of metalcore with more ethereal melody’s of angst as Pink Lemonade doubles down on some seriously tasty riffage. Throw in a touch of crowd participation which you literally have to get down to get up, and it’s a successful spot for Heartline.

Proving that Adelaide is a untapped goldmine of talent is Alt. who scored the main touring slot across the country, and the pressure of being in that position, – and turning up for a hometown show – has the band ready and primed on adrenaline.

Armed with a set list that spans their short career so far, the sound tonight is perfectly suited for vocalist Daniel Cullen-Richards softly spoken poetic lyrics to shine amongst the weird and wonderful musical sounds behind him.

Insubordinate sounds great and Pariah sweeps through the room like wind blowing through trees. Wraith is a guitar led monster led by Simon Aistrope slick playing while Devil’s Cut bounces along with the crowd clapping in time with the music.

Saosin open with Lost Symphonies and Green’s vocals are on as he reaches up to heavens, matched only by the audience who are spellbound by him. A treat drops for Adelaide when Voices is let loose for the first time on the whole Australian tour and a rapturous cheer akin to a football goal being scored presents itself.

The Silver String and Count Back From TEN show this band can be heavy yet the melody’s are always close to the surface to remind you of the musical quality in front of you.

Green has the microphone put into the adoring crowd for 3rd Measurement in C as they chant back ‘I’m the one you want’ while Phil Sgrosso’s exquisite guitar work in Sore Distress is an emotionally tugging time bomb.

By the time Translating The Name is performed in a sea of pink lights, it’s apparent this band are not musicians but purveyors of feelings, emotions and desires and as they finish with Seven Years – the build to their epic ending- everyone seems to have let those emotions out and are cathartically aglow with large smiles.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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