The Poor Release New Album ‘High Price Deed’

The Poor started out playing the pub circuit in Darwin nearly three decades ago. The plan was simple – hard rockin’ hard drinkin’ and world domination. In 1992 the band cut their debut release, the EP Rude, Crude & Tattooed, produced by Rick Brewster and Bob Spencer from The Angels and from the opening line you knew it was going to be something great; Aussie pub rock, in your face, no bullshit, straight to the point, rock’n’f%&k’n’roll!

In mid 1993, the band recorded their debut album, Who Cares which spawned their most notable single, More Wine Waiter Please. An unrelenting couple of decades followed where they toured relentlessly, drank hard and rocked harder touring Australia, Europe and Japan, sharing stages with the likes of Suicidal Tendencies, The Scorpions, Alice In Chains and Van Halen. In 2000 the band went into hibernation until an invitation to tour with WASP was too good to refuse. It didn’t take long for them to get back into the rock’n’roll groove they cut so deeply in previous years. Round 1 and Round 2 albums followed in 2009 and 2010 respectively.

After twelve years of touring their supercharged ‘NO BS Aussie Rock’ show with local and International rock bands including AC/DC, The Screaming Jets, Rose Tattoo and the Angels, cut to the present day and The Poor have released new album High Price Deed featuring original members Anthony (Skenie) Skene, Matt Whitby and (almost original drummer) Gavin Hansen are joined by relative newcomer and lead guitarist Daniel Cox. Skenie on the road in Europe does a quick Q&A with Hi Fi Way.

Is it a relief to finally have new music out after a decade?
Absolutely and we are so proud of the outcome.

Was it difficult to find the right time to focus on a new album?
Not really, it just all snowballed after Dan Cox joined the band and Covid isolation helped the creative flow.

Sonically, do you think The Poor’s sound has changed much on this album?
Not so much as changed but more advanced but remaining loyal.

What do you think your new guitarist Dan has brought to the band that you didn’t have before?
Excitement and a drive I haven’t felt for some time.

Was it difficult navigating the challenges of Covid to continue the momentum of working on the album?
No! And fuck Covid. We found a way to write together and overcome.

How was the recording process and did everything go to plan?
Recording process was great being done at our mate ‘Jeff Lovejoy’s’ studio called ‘Black Box’. It was good to be able to produce ourselves something that we wanted to hear, and Jeff was great in helping us achieve this.

What did you think when you played the final version back start to end for the first time?
It blew me away! Every song was my favourite as I listened.

How exciting is being back in Europe again on tour?
Soooo exciting to be playing our own shows and having a longer set which means playing more songs!

Any plans to tour Australia this year?
Yes, there are already dates booked from May.

Beyond the European tour what’s next for The Poor?
Tour the album this year, start write for second album, then record, then release number five.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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