MANE Reflects On New Single ‘Breathing Again’

Hailing from Adelaide, South Australia, MANE (Paige Court) is an artist to be reckoned with having released her first single Breathing Again off her upcoming 2023 sophomore EP ahead of her appearances at New Colossus Festival (NYC) and SXSW (Austin,TX) as well as a string of US tour dates. MANE’s music will have you in awe of her energy while simultaneously taking you on an honest and vulnerable journey through her evoking lyrics, ferocious and androgynous vocals paired with Lush alt/ pop production.

Her new single Breathing Again is set to be released on March 3rd just ahead of her return to the US and the song is the first track off her upcoming 2023 sophomore EP. The song was written with Charlie Mcclean (co-founder of ‘She Writes’) at Kobalt Studios in Los Angeles of March 2022 and recorded at Danger Deer Studios on Kaurna Land in Adelaide, South Australia, produced by Mario Spate (Meg Washington, Tkay Maidza, Elsy Wameo) and shadowing collaborator and up and coming producer in their own right Benjamin Tamblyn-Morrow. Sonically, the single is ultimately a testament to Court’s unmatchable vocals and is a booming, hooky and emotive pop anthem with a modern day take of 80’s Pop. Paige answers a few questions about the single for Hi Fi Way.

Awesome work with the new single, can you believe how much work is involved with a single release?
Thank you so much! Yes for sure, there is definitely a lot of work that goes into releasing behind the scenes, especially when you’re also preparing for touring overseas but it always feels worthwhile when you get to finally let it exist in everyone else’s world not just your own.

What is the story behind the song Breathing Again?
I wrote Breathing Again in LA almost 1 year ago with an amazing co-writer and producer Charlie McClean. The song was written while reflecting on my feelings and where my head and heart were at the moment. It’s about feeling a lightness overcome you and your able to look back and reflect rather than allowing the past to consume you. I think those moments provide you with a sense of hope that you’re growing and healing.

Were you hands on with the music video?
I actually edited the music video to Breathing Again so you could definitely say that! I really enjoy piecing things together creatively and the gorgeous footage of the contemporary dancer captured by Omri Ohana throughout dilapidated buildings and settings reminded me of the metaphor Dancing in the Rain which felt really applicable for the track in the sense that although you might be experiencing your own kind of grief your not waiting for the pain to go away to feel happiness, your just allowing yourself to grow around it.

Sonically, how would you describe the single?
I think sonically the best way to describe it is a sparkling yet guttural alternative/pop anthem for the people currently going through their healing era.

Are you working towards another EP or album?
Yes! I’ve actually completed my EP and I’m so excited to put it out this year – I’ve been sitting on these tracks for a while so I’m buzzing to finally share them with everyone. It’s always strange releasing music especially when it was written in a previous season of your life.

What albums have got your attention at the moment?
I discovered the band Yard Act about a year ago – Their song 100% Endurance from their album The Overload has been on repeat ever since. It’s kinda become my pre show warm up. There is a lyric in the song along the lines of “Give it everything you’ve got knowing that you can’t take it with you and all you ever needed to exist has always been within you, give me some of that good stuff, that human spirit, cut it with 100% endurance” and I think that is so beautiful put to the point it very genuinely motivates me to keep on keeping on when i hear it.

Are you excited to be heading to the US playing some big shows including SXSW?
Absolutely, I love touring. I know it’s going to be exhausting at times but playing live is my favorite thing to do in terms of being a musician so I’m always excited and happy when I get to play shows.

Knowing there will be more attention at these shows do you approach them any differently?
I think the strategy behind going to SXSW is approached differently than your usual tour or festival appearance because of the showcasing aspect and trying to make a more long term career goal in the market.

Have you been able to gauge what your fan base might be over there?
Fortunately spotify and apple music stats allow you to see some good statistics in terms of listeners/followers residing in other countries. For me, The US is my second most streamed market so I’m really just trying to lay the foundations down at the moment to continue to engage and grow a fan base. I definitely had a great response touring there last year so I’m looking forward to doing it again!

What’s next for MANE?
Aside from releasing new music and touring I’ll likely be back in the studio writing towards the next body of work – excited to see where it takes me!

Interview By Rob Lyon

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