Coldwave To Launch New EP ‘Same Window, Different House’

2023 has been an exciting time for local legends Coldwave who are winning plenty of hearts and minds having played at St Jeromes Laneway Festival and now are about to officially launch their new EP Same Window, Different House which is out now. The band answer some questions about the EP and talk about what’s next which is as equally exciting.

How exciting was the build up to playing Laneway Festival and was it hard to keep a lid on things?
Timothea: I think we’re all still pinching ourselves every day! We’re thrilled to be included on such a stunning lineup and are really excited about the opportunity to represent Adelaide’s music community. It was hard to keep a lid on things up until the announcement, so it was nice once the cat was out of the bag. Now you can’t shut me up. I told the person I bought my oat latte from this morning.

Had that show gone through your mind a hundred times?
Timothea: Probably more than a hundred by the time you combine the thoughts of six very excited humans! We had such a blast. The stage felt intimidatingly huge at first, but the energy onstage and the (seemingly!) happy audience really made the experience. It’s pretty surreal to see people singing your songs back to you.

How did Coldwave meet?
Anthony: Kiran, Jordan and I all went to high school together and have been playing music together as band since we finished. I always wanted be in Kiran and Jordan’s cool band in school, so was delighted when we started writing music together afterwards. We met Harry after he showed interest in jamming with our band at the time. We wrote a couple songs together and eventually we decided to start Coldwave, as a new project.

Timothea: My housemate kept talking about Coldwave and took me to see them one night. We got chatting after the show and I accidentally gave the impression I knew how to play bass (I didn’t).

Sonically, how would you describe the music of Coldwave?
Timothea: It’s noisy, abrasive, a little discordant. Sometimes our sound moves in directions you maybe don’t expect. We want to keep people guessing. Everyone keeps using really brutal, violent words to describe our music and it makes me laugh because we’re not very scary or rock n roll. We’re a very sweet and gentle group of humans who you would feel comfy introducing to your family. Real parent-impressers.

Did everything go to plan recording the EP?
Anthony: Recording went surprisingly well and quickly. We have previously recorded singles at Depict Studios and they took 1-2 days alone to finish, but we somehow managed to record five songs over one weekend. This was probably due to Lachy’s [Pitcher] very efficient work flow, he is a fantastic engineer and producer. We also wrote Spurs For Business Cards, the last song on the EP in the studio, which was a new way of writing for us. All we had previously were a few different bits recorded on our phones from practises.

Is there a hidden meaning behind the EP name?
Harry: The name comes from a lyric in the EP closing track Spurs for Business Cards. We thought it summed up the combined meaning of the tracks, which were about change and recognising what remains the same.

Kiran: If you listen to that line in reverse it actually contains a secret message with the hidden meaning, let us know if you work it out!

Is there more pressure on your debut EP in making a statement about who Coldwave are?
Anthony: We definitely set out to make each song in the EP feel like they are part of one big picture. The EP was leaning in a slightly different direction than our two singles we previously released, which just came naturally as we started to write more songs. So, there was never really a pressure, but rather an idea we wanted to follow.

What are the biggest shared influences for Coldwave?
Timothea: Individually, we all have pretty different music tastes, but the intersection is really our shared love of post-punk. We recently made a band inspo playlist and it’s got a lot of Shame, IDLES, Black Midi, The Murder Capital – we’re collectively influenced by the gritty, boundary-pushing post-punk currently coming out of the UK.

Are there plans for more shows and touring around the country this year?
Timothea: Yes! We’re currently working with PAK Records to tee up a few east coast dates. We’re really excited to get our music in front of new audiences and connect with other bands across the country. Watch this space!

What’s next for Coldwave?
Anthony: We plan to keep writing as much as we can to hopefully have some new releases later on in the year. Writing can be so much fun for us all and landing on new material that we all like is a great feeling. Other than that we want to continue playing fun shows and being involved not only in our local music community, but new ones as well.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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Catch Coldwave on Friday March 3 at Crown & Anchor with Placement and Cagefly

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