Ella Hooper Reflects On ‘Small Town Temple’

After releasing three hit albums with Killing Heidi, Ella Hooper embarked on a solo career. Her brand new album, Small Town Temple – written in her home town of Violet Town. Small Town Temple is a profoundly personal album focusing on the themes of family, friendship, and childhood memories. It is a stunning album and Ella answers a few questions about the album for Hi Fi Way.

Happy release day, how does it feel now that Small Town Temple is out in the world now?
Like an itch that’s been scratched, very very satisfying. And a little overwhelming and exhausting!

How did you celebrate release day?
With an early start and some media of course! Haha… the promo train is definitely on the tracks at the minute. I think I gave myself a Prosecco at the end of the day to celebrate.

    Have you been blown away with the reviews and feedback from fans?
    Yes, totally. Hearing all the feedback is amazing. It’s especially moving when people pick out certain lyrics or lines that resonate with them. It makes it all feel worthwhile. Connection is my aim, and I feel like it’s connected which is so nice. The reviews also have been extremely kind.

      Sonically, how would you describe the album to a fan?
      I’d call it warm, un-fussy but detailed twang tinged singer songwriter music, adult contemporary by way of Americana or alt country.

      Do you have any favourite tunes and what makes them your favourite?
      I think Long Gully Road and Grow Wild are really from my heart and from my life, perhaps songs that could only have been written specifically by me, which is a strange nice feeling, and creates a lot of love and ownership

      What is the story behind the single Love In The Time Of Cowardice?
      That’s me having a rant at how unromantic the world can be sometimes, how scheduled, how dry, how digital. Even love and dating is almost entirely started online in some walks of life and cities now, and that’s totally fine, it’s just we have an app for everything. From dissecting our dreams, to tracking our periods to meeting our one true love or one night stand. I was just feeling like there was a lack of mystery. But it’s also me speaking at the time from a grumpy single and somewhat negative place.

      When the time came was it hard letting go of these songs after recording them?
      Not at all. I couldn’t wait to share them. I still have bits I would change, things I would tell if I could, but I’ve learnt to live happily with imperfections, or perceived ones. Ya gotta move forward!

      What was your reaction to playing the finished version back for the first time?
      Happy! Questioning still, the mixes, the parts, all that stuff or our craft, but so happy it was finished and available. It also spurred good memories of making the thing. I had some great times in the studio with Tim Harvey & Marcel Borrack my producers.. we laughed a lot.

      Returning to Adelaide to play the Spiegeltent must be a huge buzz, how excited are you and what can fans expect?
      Love Adelaide! Love the Spiegel tent! We are extremely excited and fans can expect the whole album, pretty much and a few oldies plus a special cover. A slick five piece band, some shiny pants, some intimate heart twinging moments, But also some easy rockers with a good amount of attitude. Think Emmy Lou Harris or Linda Ronstadt fronting the Stones?! Or the Faces..

      What was it like opening up the package your got for the colour vinyl of the album?
      The absolute best! Making coloured vinyl is too fun. And I knew mine had to be cloudy blue, like the skies in Violet Town, my home town.. and it’s perfect.

      Beyond the tour what is next for Ella Hooper?
      More touring!! Haha. Perhaps one more single in a few months time. Some special collaborations with some international and homegrown legends too. Busy busy busy!

        Interview By Rob Lyon

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