Eclipse To Rock Glam Fest Which Starts Tonight

Another one the exciting bands playing at Silverback Touring’s Glam Fest is Sweden’s Eclipse. Formed in Stockholm in 1999 they have nine studio albums to their credit and a live album which all rock. Hi Fi Way spoke to lead vocalist and guitarist Erik Mårtensson who was stoked to be a part of Glam Fest and gave a few hints about their set list which will include a healthy selection from latest album Wired.

Glam Fest will be an awesome way to start the year off , looking forward to touring Australia?
Everything is great. It’s, it’s morning here. It’s snowing and I guess it’s warmer and afternoon for you!

It is hot over here and it might be a shock the system!
Wow! That’s what we’re looking forward to.

Are you excited to get this Australian tour under way?
It’s going to be exciting. We had our band meeting today and started discussing, how to get there. We have these long flights! We’re discussing set lists and whatnot, so it’s going to be great. I haven’t seen any of the bands live. I know the bands. I’ve listened to them, but I’ve never seen them live, I’ve never met any of them, so it’s going to be the first time and it will be great.

Is there anyone on the bill that you’re really super excited about seeing once you’ve finished playing or maybe before you play?
I’m going to check every band out. I’m going to have a look at all the bands. I don’t have any specific favourites, band such as Faster Pussycat, Tuff and Enuff Z’Nuff, when I was a kid no one listened to them. Back then there was no Spotify, so you only listened to the music that your friends had, or my older brother had. That was the only music, the rest of the music world was unknown to me.

Have there been a lot of requests from Australian fans to tour here?
Well, people are always asking from all over the world. When we, if we announce a date in Germany, the people in France will ask us to come to France. If we play in France, they’ll ask in in Holland for us to play there. We have quite a few people asking us to play in in Australia as well. So, we are super excited it will happen as it’s far away and there’s a lot of logistics involved to get there.

After the last couple of years, it must be exciting to just be able to get on a plane and head overseas.
Absolutely. It’s the same. it’s going to be wonderful. We played in Melbourne in 2015. It was great. I really loved the Melbourne, all the pubs and the atmosphere, the people, it was great.

Do you approach playing a festival any differently than what you would playing your own club show?
Yeah, it’s quite different because when you’re on a headliner tour you get to have a sound check and you can have your own equipment, your own lighting, everything is more comfortable and you can play a lot of songs. You can play for two hours and no one’s complaining. But with a festival it’s always panic. If you’re not the headliner, you will not have a sound check, which means you have to go on stage and probably can’t hear what you sing and what you play and just get along with whatever you have. I think we’re just going to play like forty five minutes each night because there’s so many bands and the set list is going to be hard to do as well because we always have a fight about which songs to play even when we have two hour sets! So, it’s going to be ten times worse!

Will the focus be on latest album Wired?
Probably focused on Wired, but also the older songs of course, because people get pissed off if we don’t play them. When you start a band and you have your first album out, it’s hard to do a set because you have to play covers and play all the bad songs. Now we are so far in our careers now, we have so many songs that we need to play, but we can’t play them all, which is a luxury problem.

Do you think this might heighten the expectation that you might be able to come back sooner rather than later for a headline tour?
Yeah, absolutely. We’d love to do a headline at tour as well.

Did the Wired album come about during the Covid years?
Well, a lot of bands released depressing albums, titles and songs, but we went the other direction. We did the new album, the party album, for the big party when Covid was finally over. I think that really has been good because when we started to play live after last year when everything opened up, we had this killer rock, almost punk attitude album which is perfect for live shows. We could play every song on that record and they would all sound great.

Did the writing process continue given you were coming up with positive and energetic songs for another album?
No, we started fresh and already have a lot of material for a new upcoming record. I think new songs will not be a problem at all because I think we have a lot of great songs coming up.

Do you think that Saturday Night (Hallelujah) is becoming the unofficial anthem for Eclipse? How did the collaboration come about with Dag Finn?
It’s a super fun song to play live. I was writing with Dag Finn. He was in a Swedish rock group they were super big in the late eighties called Sha-Boom. I really enjoyed his music when I was a kid and we were writing together. It was a Friday afternoon and he was about to leave the studio and he was like, let’s give it thirty minutes more to see if we can come up with something. Out of nowhere this song came out and within thity minutes, it was more or less the way it sounds on the record. It was super fun and everyone who has listened to it really liked it. It turned out to be a single and we play it live every night.

Are collaborations something you are looking to do more of in the future?
I’ve always written together with other people. I write a lot of stuff on my own and with Magnus. We wrote most of the stuff back in the day, but we always worked on collaborations with others as well because when I’m sitting down writing by myself, but when it’s just my thoughts, my ideas, everything is just me, me, me. It can get kind of boring, hearing myself, when I pick up a guitar and try a chord, sometimes I can just get bored with that solo lick again. When you in together in a room with someone else, that person will not write their song and I will not write my song. We will write something in between us, or if there are even more people in the room, it will be a mashup between the people in the room that is something bigger than the individual parts.

Is there anything particular you are looking to experience while you are here in Australia?
Last time when we were here in 2015, I really enjoyed all the pubs, so I think I’m going to try to see as many pubs as possible as well. All these small breweries, local beers will be exciting. Of course the weather, hopefully we’ll be able to go and swim in the ocean as well if we don’t get stung by some poisonous snake or sea snake or shark or something.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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