The Gin Palace Release The Video For Their Single ‘Burn Your Heart Out’

At the end of 2022, Sydney rock band The Gin Palace introduced themselves with the elegant and captivating, dark rock sound of their debut single Burn Your Heart Out, taken from their forthcoming 2023 album The Year Of The Dog.

Following an impressive run of shows with The Clouds, The Charlatans, Bluebottle Kiss, TISM and an appearance at the Spring Loaded Festival, the band reveal the video clip for their single, filmed at Sydney’s iconic Enmore Theatre.

This is a song that pulls no punches as it paints an unsettling picture from the POV of a would-be suicide bomber. The scene is set in the verses – the event is planned, wheels set in motion, while the inevitability of the chorus hits with a devastating melancholic melody, both sad and wistful. “I wanted to tell the story without judgement that would lead to a chorus we could share in and commune in,” says Peter Fenton.

“The song in its most simple compositional core is an exploration of faith and violence, and the laundering of love to hate through some ideological jujitsu we can’t comprehend,” explains Peter. “I wrote the song thinking about young men in particular that constructed bombs to use as backpack filled rockets to a promised land. How I hated that carnage and the assumed twisting of the bombers innocence to perform such an act of allegiance that remains both astonishingly grotesque and impossible to process.”

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