Mayhem Australian Tour

Far beyond legendary and a living monument to fearless creativity, MAYHEM have cast an icy shadow across the world of heavy music for nearly four decades. Subversive students of the metal underground from the start, MAYHEM single-handedly pioneered a new strain of black metal in their native Norway, taking the nascent genre by the scruff of the neck and hurling it into the pitch-black abyss.

Featuring iconic members Atilla Csihar, Necrobutcher and Hellhammer, and with the reputation of being one of the most controversial live acts to ever disgrace this planet, MAYHEM propel their latest rituals to Australia this forthcoming January.

Alongside this volatile, Nordic leviathan will be comrades in New Zealand’s unorthodoxly oppressive death metal contingent ULCERATE, and local legends THE FUROR.

All in, the ‘Thalassic Ritual’ serves as an indisputable pilgrimage for the extreme arts enthusiast.

Tickets from Soundworks Direct

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