Blackstreet 2023 Australian Tour

Any fan of the R&B genre would be hard pressed to not know, No Diggity, which has been voted by many polls as one of the most recognisable R&B anthems of all time. The anthem which propelled Blackstreet and their second album, Another Level into the stratosphere remains one of the mainstays of both commercial radio and dance floors across the world.

The Grammy Winning group is one of the most celebrated R&B acts of all time. Having come together in 1991 and then releasing their breakout debut album in 1994 which proved to be the perfect segue-way from the new jack swing era into modern R&B, the group set the tone for contemporary R&B as we know it. 

Whilst only boasting four albums, the group disbanded in the early 2000’s only to come together again in 2015 and have been a touring force ever since with shows the world over and a brand new album now in the can ready for the world to hear in 2023.

Featuring the original voices who featured on their most successful releases, their debut album and Another Level (1996), and consisting of band founder: Chauncey Black together with Levi Little, Mark Middleton & Eric Williams, the group was last in Australia in 2016 and 2018 performing shortened festival sets but now return for their first headline tour since 2015 and their first ever headline shows in New Zealand. Fans can expect the true and full Blackstreet experience when they return armed with a complete set encompassing their whole career, the hits, the anthems, the deep cuts & more. 

This is a show not to be missed by any self respecting R&B fan. No diggity, no doubt!

Tickets from I Love Old School

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