Regurgitator Drivetime Tour Coming To Adelaide

Great to see Regurgitator back on the horse touring again and this Saturday they return to Adelaide to play The Gov for one mighty big show with Party Dozen and Thunder Speaks. There’s been plenty of good things happening for the band playing Spring Loaded and celebrating the twenty-fifth anniversary of Unit. Finishing the year off at Good Things Festival there has been plenty made and said about the rivalry as well with TISM, Quan Yeomans talks to Hi Fi Way about touring, Covid, the new album and this rivalry with TISM.

Great to be talking to you, it must be really unfortunate that Covid has got it the way delaying the tour by a week?
Yeah, first time it’s really altered our plans significantly, apart from obviously not playing for a while there over the main stint of it. This is the first one we’ve actually had to cancel because of our sickness in the band.

Does it get you rethinking about how you approach the rest of the dates on the tour and how you might interact with other people on the tour?
Yeah, there was a little bit too much bro hugging probably far north, up in Cairns and Townsville the prior weekend. Probably should be a little bit more conservative with that sort of stuff. Obviously, it comes in waves, and this happens to be in the next wave of it. Fortunately Peter didn’t seem to get too whacked out by it, he had four vaccinations and he seemed to be okay, but the idea of him exerting himself for an hour and a half probably would have been a bit dangerous as well, just for his own safety.

Up until the brief pause how’s the tour been going anyway?
I don’t know if I could call it a tour of it. Yeah, we get out and about and play some shows. We’re not really on a like standard tour as such. We’re just kind of like playing here and there and playing festivals here and there and stuff. It’s been fun, really fun. I had a beautiful time up north just visiting some of the creeks and waterfalls in my childhood and stuff and playing to some really lovely people, which was lovely.

Did you enjoy the whole Spring Loaded tour? Adelaide was awesome
It’s been enjoyable. Most of Spring Loaders have been really good. The Wollongong one was probably the weakest so far. Everyone had technical issues that evening, was a bit of a nightmare. It’s been lovely catching up with old faces and speaking to old friends from bands I haven’t seen for for a long time.

Is this tour been mostly about Unit or more of a greatest hits tour?
It’s a bit a bit of everything, yeah. We haven’t really focused too much on the record as such. We might do that a bit later on. I think next year we might do a more focused Unit thing. This has been just getting back on the horse and enjoying ourselves again and getting that match fitness back up.

Twenty-five years of Unit is significant. What does that accomplishment mean to you?
I think it’s more of an accomplishment to actually still be going just to play as a band and still be enjoying it and seeing happy faces, the crowds, that in itself is the accomplishment in my view. I do listen to that record. I have listened to that record occasionally over the last couple of years just to like learn the songs again and stuff. It is a funny record and I am really thankful that we had an opportunity to release that as a band and it garnered so much interest at the time. It makes me feel very grateful about the luck that I’ve had in my career with the band, that’s for sure. It’s an interesting record. It’s still quite bizarre to listen to, I’m thankful for its oddness.

Do you still find it quite fascinating how it has created its own legacy and interest in it is still just as strong today?
Yeah, it’s quite amazing really. It’s really funny when you meet young kids that have never heard it before. They hear it for the first time and think, what the hell is this? It’s from the nineties, but it sounds really strange. It’s definitely a very odd artefact. It’s an odd artefact from that time that that still has some interest, which is great.

When you say that you might do something a bit more focused would that be a classic album tour playing something start to end and maybe some of the b-sides?
I think that’s what’s planned. I don’t know if I can confirm this or not, but we may actually, we are going to ask Shane our original keyboard player to come on tour with us as well and dress up as the bunny the way he used to. I don’t know if he’d be into it. Then Ben had a conversation with him not that long ago and he was like, yeah. He thinks back on that as some of the best times that he’s had in his life, which I was like really surprised about because I remember touring particularly towards the end of Unit, towards the beginning of Art and that Art tour being the most difficult time in our careers personally. I always remember Shane the keyboard playing, holding us all together because he was just such a lovable, buoyant character and a nice person. I’m really surprised that he is into the idea. So, that’s something we’re going to talk to him about and try and organise as well, which would be great.

Is it a buzz seeing the new vinyl edition pressed for Unit?
I had a look at some of the photos. I don’t actually have a copy of it yet, but it looked awesome. Like the actual printing does look really cool and the yellow gold vinyl was cool looking.

With the talk around Unit do you get nostalgic or do you just keep focused on moving forwards?
Yeah, I don’t really, I have a really bad memory, so I have like the brain of a goldfish. I rarely remember what I did the week before last. So nostalgia, it does get me when people start talking about the nineties as an era and our role in that musically for them, that does make me think, oh yeah, okay, I get it. I do get that and there are some bands from the nineties that do the same thing for me as well. I do understand it, but generally, I think for the adage that you’re only as good as the last thing you did generally speaking. When people go we loved that record and it means so much to me I am quite humbled by it because I don’t think we’ve released a decent record for a while. It gets harder as you get older to find the energy and the motivation to do something spectacular or do something really from the heart you spend your whole life. Once you’ve done a good record or it’s been successful and you do spend a lot of time going, well how did I do that? Or how do I get back to that feeling of just exploring and playing again, which is really what it’s about.

Have you had much time to kind of sit back and sort of think about what might be it’s album number eleven?
We’ve been thinking about it a bit more. We did have a session up in Brisbane, just outside of Brisbane in a farmhouse just to get back on a horse and see how it was. I hadn’t actually jammed with the guys for twenty years, I literally jammed in a live sense because it’s not really something I enjoy doing that much, but it was nice to hang out and do music together in that way. Ben is really more of that kind of person. I’m quite happy to write by myself and then bring it to a studio or even just record it myself as well. I think we’re going to do a bit of both for the next one and be a little bit more critical. I mean, I’d encourage Ben to be a bit more critical and it’s okay to have some fights again in the studio. I think that’s pretty important when you’re trying to do decent music, you can’t be just all happy families and yeah, that’s great. It’s got to be kind of critical. There has to be quite a degree of critical thinking and critiquing going on, otherwise it just ends up being a little bit pappy.

Sonically, is there a particular way you want to go with the next album?
Ben and I were talking about the nineties and just the sound, maybe just going back to that sound, but honestly after trying to do a couple of rap rock songs, just demoing stuff, I was just like, ah, is that really something we want to do. We’ve been listening to a lot of post punk and, and 80s stuff again, so there might be a bit of leaning towards that. There’s going to be a bunch of different stuff because we have ideas for concept albums and then we go to kind of execute them and just get bored and want to jump all over the place again anyway. So it’s generally what’s going to happen.

Does anything in particular influence that?
We’ve always been like that. We’ve never really wanted to go for that’s consistent sound that I’ve known. I mean, if we have a consistent sound, it’s because of our production or lack of production technique and our naivety. We just like throw ourselves into whatever. It’s just always been like that.

There has been plenty mentioned about the rivalry with TISM in the lead up to Good Things Festival. Is there anything else to add to that?
Yeah, yeah, the rivalry. The rivalry. It’s alive!

Do you think it will come to a head?
I’m sure there’ll be a fight. There’s definitely going to be fisticuffs cuffs at some point, no doubt.

Hard to believe that we’re starting to thinking about 2023 but what will that look like for Regurgitator?
Oh man, I hated this year to be honest. Just on a personal level, it’s been pretty hard for me. I’ll be glad to see the back of this one. I feel like a lot of people kind of jumped onto this year in a way that, you know, how you get that feeling when you step on an escalator that’s off, you expect this forward momentum when you get onto it and when you actually start walking on it feels really weird because that expectation hasn’t been met and you sort of like gingerly walk down it in like, in a weird way it’s kind of awkward. I feel like that’s the kind of year we’ve had for a lot of people because of Covid being like, oh yes, it’s kind of done now let’s get back to it. Then it’s just been not quite right somehow, everyone’s got used to being indoors, working from home and then it’s expected to kind of socialise as well. I think it’s been fairly odd for a lot of people. Hopefully next year will be a little bit more of that easing back into something a little bit nicer and a little bit more consistent. But you never know right? You never know what life’s going to be like, to be honest.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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