10cc The Ultimate Greatest Hits Tour June 2023

Among the most inventive and influential bands in the history of popular music, 10cc are one of the very few acts to have achieved commercial, critical and creative success in equal measure.

All the hits! I’m Not In Love, The Things We Do For Love, Rubber Bullets, Dreadlock Holiday (with its instantly recognisable chorus “I don’t like cricket – I love it!”), Donna, The Wall Street Shuffle, Art For Art’s Sake, The Dean and Me, I’m Mandy Fly Me, People In Love, Good Morning Judge, Life Is A Minestrone – an incredible string of great classic songs.

10cc has sold over 30 million albums worldwide, while I’m Not In Love has been played over 5 million times on radio, and featured in Guardians Of The Galaxy and Bridget Jones: Edge Of Reason movies, and has been covered by The Pretenders, Peggy Lee, Richie Havens, Fun Lovin’ Criminals and most recently The Flaming Lips. Axl Rose has said “that song messes with my life, man it’s one of my favourite songs of all times.’

Dreadlock Holiday a crowd favourite was featured on the 2010 film The Social Network. Rubber Bullets which delivered Gouldman, Godley and Crème two Ivor Novello Awards (the UK’s highest song writing accolade), celebrates its 50th anniversary this year.

Naturally 10cc are celebrating their 50th year in style, and far from resting on the laurels they will be spending it breaking new ground. Says 10cc leader Graham Gouldman, “The band is sounding fantastic! Our main strength is the songs. Hit after hit after hit. It’s relentless. We show no mercy.”

Graham Gouldman puts the 10cc’s longevity down to the quality and individuality of the band’s songs. “They don’t seem to date. We never followed any trend we simple wrote for our own pleasure. The fact that the songs are being played as often on the radio today as they ever were shows how true that is” he says.

The missing link between The Beatles and the Gorillaz, 10cc ruled the pop world in the 70’s – a time when the charts were dominated by some of the most creative and colourful artistes in pop history. 10cc worked not on image or celebrity-status, but on the art of making highly sophisticated rock masterworks into simple-sounding pop hits. The result was some of the greatest pop records of the 20th century.

“Year on year we get busier and busier. It’s great, we love touring and playing together and we get on really well. The audiences these days are very gratifying. You get the people you would expect, who grew up with 10cc, but you also get young kids who know the songs too,” says Gouldman. “Now whether they’ve discovered 10cc for themselves, via the internet or radio, or just grown up with their parents playing it in the house, I don’t know. But we get a great mix of people from the generations.”

Tickets on sale now www.davidroywilliams.com

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