Fear Factory’s Dino Cazares Discusses New Remix Album ‘Recoded’

‘Our fans inspire me to really make sure that what I put out is quality shit. I want to put out quality stuff, for them’ Fear Factory founder and guitarist Dino Cazares tells me as we discuss the recent remix album Recoded.

Recoded isn’t the first time the LA metal pioneers have embarked on a project that is heavy on the electro and techno side of music, however for those thinking the first foray was Fear Is A Mindkiller you may just be surprised.

‘I think our mentality comes from there – some of the inspiration – from those types of scenes dating way back to when we first started. I’ll give a perfect example. Martyr. That riff was technically inspired from a techno riff. Back in the day when we first started, we played a lot of backyard parties, and some of these parties in the early evening the metal band would play, we would then breakdown and a DJ would come on. The DJ starts at midnight playing techno, so listening to all that stuff, not just the DJ’s but being inspired by that type of electronic music that comes from there as well as Grindcore, Death Metal and Industrial. Fear Factory has always been a melting pot of everything we all love.

The inspirations came from there, and still does. Some of the transitions in songs, some of the breakdowns where you build it back up was all inspired by electronic and techno music . It’s still there now in our music and I think this is why it’s easier for a guys like Rhys Fulber, or Rob Gee, Zardonic or Blush Response to create something that is new and take it to a different place.’

Rhys Fulber has been a long time collaborator of Fear Factory so while his presence is almost expected, how does Dino choose the next people to remix the music?

‘Whoever I’m a fan of. Of course I’ve been a fan of Rhys since way way back. That’s different, that’s like the 80’s and Front Line Assembly. Everyone knows he is the fifth member, so whenever something like this is going down, he’s the first person I call. Being a fan of Tyrant Of Death, he did the Collapse remix called Empires Fall. Tyrant Of Death was really more into the lower tuning of songs. That song is in F sharp and he really felt that track. It’s fucking sick. What he also did was take the guitars and pitched them down to like a low E. It came out even heavier.

Zardonic I’m a fan and he has put out a couple of records I really like. Rob Gee has been a friend of my managers for a really long time, I’ve met him a few times and we spoke of possibly doing some remixes years ago. Now this opportunity came around and I reached out to him. Everyone has a different thing about them and that’s what I like.

There’s another guy named Dualized and he did the collab with Zardonic for I Am The Nightrider and it came out as one of the best songs on the record. Don’t get me wrong I love the whole record but people have stand out tracks and that was one that stood out cause it’s still heavy as fuck. It’s an ode to the actual Night Rider actor (Vince Gil) who recently passed away. That collab came out amazing.’

With over thirty years of material with Fear Factory, it is always interesting to hear what Dino thinks of his journey so far with the band.

Demanufacture was where we really learned to focus on ten good songs. If you look at Soul Of A New Machine, it’s scattered. There’s seventeen songs on the record, too many songs but not to the fans of course the more material the better, but to us as a record it’s just too many songs. If we picked the ten best songs from that record, we would have a solid record. But we were young and threw them all in there.

When we went to Demanufacture, it was let’s focus on these ten to eleven tracks and that’s when the band went to the next level. But when we really matured as songwriters, and I can only speak for myself, is Obsolete. It’s a very well rounded record.

It’s got the epic Resurrection going into Timelessness, those two tracks are epic. Then you got Shock and Edgecrusher who live next to each other. When we play live you have to play those two songs together cause that’s what you’re used too on the record. Descent is a great song too. For me I matured as songwriter.

Digimortal the issues started with the writing of the record. Obsolete had gone gold around the world, and the record company went ‘we need you to go platinum so we are going to bring in different producers and writers’ which we’ve never had before to help out with the record. I was saying no but the rest of the band was kinda saying yes and that’s where we started to butt heads. Obviously it’s a democracy when you’re in a band and if I say no and the other three guys say yes, I lose. That’s how the beginning of that record started.

But I still managed to push what I needed on the record like What Will Become, Damaged, No One, Byte Block, Acres Of Skin those were all the songs that are quite heavy. We still had commercial songs, like Linchpin, which is our biggest song by the way, most people think Replica but Linchpin is our most streamed song.

Besides heading to our shores for a stint with Soulfly on the Good Things tour in a few weeks, what in store for the future?

‘Our contract ran out with Nuclear Blast, we have no record company however we are in negotiations of getting a record company but can’t release anything without one. But…currently working on new songs, demoing everything. Yes there are vocals and everything! That way we can have something out next year whether on Nuclear Blast or another record label.’

Interview By Iain McCallum

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