Alannah Russack (The Hummingbirds, The Aerial Maps) Announces New Album

Alannah Russack is extremely pleased to announce her much anticipated debut solo album As Memories Pass Each Other will be released independently on November 25th and launched the same night at the Golden Barley Hotel in Enmore, Sydney.

Much-loved for her central role in the seminal Australian guitar pop band The Hummingbirds, and more recently with The Aerial Maps, Alannah has written a set of compelling and musically diverse songs – from folk-rock to jangle-pop, alt-country to indie rock, all steeped in soulful singer-songwriter emotionality – the range across the album is a showcase of Alannah’s undeniable gift for melodic storytelling.

Some of the album’s songs were started a long time ago and only recently completed while others were written during the recording process. As Alannah explains, the genesis of the album began with a phone call. “It all started with me calling producer Marc Scully after years of not seeing him and asking him to do a remix from my EP, Lesser Mysteries of Love. He mentioned he was starting a studio and so it goes. No remix…..but an LP!”

That organic studio process of writing, completing and recording songs allowed Alannah and the other musicians the freedom to explore the music and take it to where it needed to go. “I feel like I had the luxury to work on the songs till I felt their tempo, arrangement and feel were all on track. This is the advantage of no deadline. Making art in and around life. This is why I love writing, arranging and recording. It’s challenging and the knowing when to resolve a piece and leave it be is a tenuous thing.”

The first three songs on the album have been released as singles, with Places You Love and Movement both selected by The Guardian for their monthly column featuring Australia’s Best New Music. Movement was described as “another great mid-career song from Russack” and of Places You Love they said, “the crystalline guitars, the immediate, effortless melody, and her clear, spirited lilt are all in full flight.”

With a cast of brilliant Sydney musicians onboard, including Ratcat’s Marc Scully, Sidewinder’s Shane Melder and keyboard legend and music academic Jadey O’Regan, Alannah’s songs take flight through melancholy, wonder, joy and sorrow as she sings of alienation (Embrace), Joan of Arc (You Came Around), suicide (She Leapt), difficult relationships (Drive On, Trouble), and observations of 90s drug-induced experiences (Love Beast).

Essentially, As Memories Pass Each Other is a collection of songs based on memories of feelings and situations. “The concept is about memories that seem to float in and around old stomping grounds,” explains Alannah. “Our memories are so subjective but every now and then they must cross paths in the ether. When I return to certain places or drive familiar streets its like clusters of memories still survive and have never left. I imagine everyone’s memories of same places passing each other in the street… on their way or mingling just like they did when they were reality.”

As Memories Pass Each Other will be out released Nov 25th on vinyl/CD/digital via Bandcamp, streaming services and AMRAP.

Alannah is launching her new album on Friday, November 25th @ The Golden Barley Hotel in Enmore NSW, Free entry.

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