Tex Perkins & The Fat Rubber Band To Hit The Gov

After sitting on some inspired recordings that he’d written and produced in Matt Walker’s regional Victorian studio prior to Covid, Tex Perkins knew that he couldn’t wait any longer to give them the public airing they needed. So eventuated the self-titled debut album Tex Perkins and The Fat Rubber Band.

Released in November 2021, the album featured the singles Place In The Sun, My Philosophy and Danger Has Been Kind which found favour on Double J, ABC Radio (including Radio National’s The Music Show with Andrew Ford), Saturday Night Country and public radio all over the land. The album was also nominated for an Australian Independent Records country album of the year.

Difficult to categorise, this first Fat Rubber Band album, was widely described as a country, roots, Americana, rock album. Yes it had its own inimitable style, inspired in the first instance by Link Wray’s deep south cotton shack tracks of the late 50s and early 60s, but really crafting a truly original genre in its own right.

Within a few months of the album’s release, with Covid making touring almost impossible to support the album release, Tex and Matt found themselves with time to write again. And the juices flowed.

Their first song, Brand New Man, became the inspiration for a beautiful album, to be called Other World. When asked about the song Tex says:

“The song just came about so effortlessly that we were immediately inspired to keep writing. And through that a whole album has appeared and personally I feel like it’s a real high point for me looking back at my whole career. When songs flow, it’s not a grind, it’s a feeling of being in the right place and time. Brand New Man was the start of that and is now so important to us. It’s the song that lights up audiences when Matt and I perform it with or without the Fat Rubber Band. It just had to be the first single from the new album.”

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