Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever, Maple Glider @ The Gov, Adelaide 22/10/2022

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever are proving to be quite the formidable live band having toured the world countless times and more recently to support their terrific new album Endless Rooms. Walking in to The Gov it was looking a bit stark but fortunately numbers built up to witness what was a really good show. With a couple of EP’s and three albums under their belt now they keep delivering great music backed up with an awesome live show.

Singer songwriter Maple Glider opened the show and played songs from her debut album To Enjoy is the Only Thing. I couldn’t but feel frustrated for her hearing the loud and incessant chatter from the audience which was nothing short of being disrespectful. Maple battled on even though it looked as if it was frustrating her as well. Opening tune Mama It’s Christmas was followed by Maple saying she had a good day on today’s Wordle and left Adelaide airport with someone else’s guitar which was in a different case to hers. She also spoke about how her painted nails was affecting her guitar playing adding a bit of humour to her set. Other set highlights included Don’t Kiss Me and Shania Twain cover You’re Still The One.

Floodlights unfortunately withdrew due to illness so up next was Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever. Oh boy! It was a spirited set from start to end and their sound is elite. If they keep delivering songs of this standard who knows what is possible for this band. Right from first drop it was on with An Air Conditioned Man from the career shaping album Hope Downs followed by She’s There and Cappuccino City. After an acknowledgement of country and a hi, how are you Adelaide the band powered on for the next seventy minutes or so.

The band acknowledge how much they love The Gov and said they would be playing plenty of new and old songs. The set was a little shorter than some of other shows on the tour but nevertheless they were fucking fantastic. Mainland and Read My Mind were awesome but new cuts Blue Eye Lake, My Echo and The Way It Shatters will no doubt become set staples. Singer and lead guitarist dedicated their classic hit Talking Straight to their biggest fan who travelled the world to see them to his Uncle Paul who was there with a large family contingent. French Press was another big highlight in the set.

New tune Dive Deep, Fountain of Good Fortune (from the French Press EP) and Cars In Space from Sideways to New Italy rounded out an awesome set. Chanting for one more song the crowd got one more with Clean Slate from the Talk Tight EP. Great show from this great Aussie band!

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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