The Plot In You Australian Tour Starts This Week

THE PLOT IN YOU start their Australian tour this week! They released their fifth full-length album, Swan Song in 2021. Sonically and spiritually, Swan Song stares down at years of negativity, soured friendships, disappointment, and mistakes and flush it all away in the wake of hammering distortion, towering melodies, cinematic production, and unapologetically cathartic lyrics.

THE PLOT IN YOU’s last visit to our shows saw them supporting Polaris in 2018 for the sold out national ‘The Mortal Coil Tour’ and had critics raving about their flawless live show. The Swan Song tour with Erra and Deadlights is one tour you won’t want to miss as it graces Australian shores this week. Grab a ticket while you can! Landon Tewers talks to Hi Fi Way about the tour.

It must be exciting now knowing that your Australian tour is finally going to happen?
I was telling someone before this that it felt like it was never going to happen, overseas stuff in general, it is cool that it finally is.

How hard has it been for the band trying to navigate your way through especially with a new album out?
We’ve had the record done for quite a while and just sitting on it waiting for it to get back to normal. That process kind of sucked but we knew having seen a bunch of people put records out during Covid and people would talk about it for about a week then it was gone. We waited it out and I’m glad we did because it gave us time to really fine tune the record, take time away from it and come back to it with fresh ears and a fresh perspective. All in all it made the process a little bit smoother and more enjoyable. I think everything worked out pretty well in the end.

Can you believe how much the world has changed since your last Australian tour in 2018?
It is weird, everything here feels back to normal and you don’t have to wear a mask on a plane when you travel. Things are starting to feel like the way they were pre-Covid. There are little things that have changed that we have to adapt to no matter what. I’m excited to be back and see how things are in Australia.

Do any moments in particular stand out from the last Australian tour?
Yeah, we were there with Polaris and we didn’t know them prior to that. I didn’t know anything about the band, didn’t know if they were big or small, heavy, no knowledge of them and I was really impressed with how well they sounded live. Their crowds were crazy and we clicked right off the bat. I remember we were all super in to Fortnite so we would be playing it on our phones for six hours a day. We didn’t do anything to crazy as far as exploring but we made some really close friendships.

What do you about Australia?
We’ve always done well in the bigger cities, I really like Perth as it seems like such a secluded and unique city. I try to venture out and explore a little bit more. I love it over there in general and it has been great to us.

The line up with Erra and Deadlights is great, do you know those bands well?
We have been touring with Erra on and off for almost a decade now. I’ve toured with Jesse the singer solo before. They are all really close friends. It will be a great time and also a little dangerous because we are all bad influences on each other and party a little too much.

Have you been really pleased with the feedback and support for the album?
It has been good for the most part, the one thing I feel like I have seen the most is people saying it is an album that had to grow on them. They didn’t really know how to feel about it at first and spending more time with it made more sense. Sometimes records takes a minute, I see a lot of that but I’m really fine with that because that’s how most of my favourite records were growing up. Even now I’m usually shocked by what the artist puts out and don’t really know how to feel about it and it ends up being some of my favourite stuff. I’m fine with that and overall it has been pretty good.

I read one review that said if this was going to be an album to go out on what an album to go out on. It is interesting how people gravitate to certain things when albums are released?
For sure, I’m happy that it is finally out and like I said for a long time I thought it would never see the light of day. It has been cool playing these songs live and I didn’t think that would ever be a possibility for at least a very long time. The songs still feel new and exciting, I’m enjoying it.

Creatively have you been able to keep going with new ideas or do let them simmer for a bit longer?
I’m always writing even when it isn’t for the band, I’m almost always writing for solo stuff or working on stuff for another band or artist or just writing just as a practice. I’m consistently always working on something, it is more of a mental health practice more than anything else. I genuinely love writing music and composing songs. It is a muscle I’m always trying to keep flexing.

One of the exciting parts of the tour is your solo shows, have you been writing specifically for a solo album?
Recently I was talking in the mindset of not really trying to focus on albums and focusing on putting out singles or short releases. I feel like I enjoy that the most especially with singles because you get to put tonnes of energy and focus in one thing rather than a body of work like ten songs where most of the songs get over looked because people don’t like to listen to full records any more. I’ve always felt more excited about putting out shorter releases and singles rather than full albums. I do the solo stuff independent so there is only so much I can do promotion wise. Right now I’m working on a shorter release of five or six songs then a couple of singles sprinkled throughout the rest of the year. It is the same thing for Plot we just finished three songs that will be sprinkled out over the rest of this year. We’re aiming for more consistent content in smaller timeframes rather than a record every two years.

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch The Plot In You with Erra and Deadlights on the following dates. Tickets from Destroy All Lines