H.E.A.T, Cassidy Paris, Wicked Smile @ Jive, Adelaide 11/9/2022

H.E.A.T have finished their sure fire whirlwind Australian tour which finished up at Jive in Adelaide. Sweden’s finest have built a die hard following around the country a few friends have said that this show is a must going as far to say that it would one of the best live shows of 2022. H.E.A.T brought the energy and intensity to their performance challenged by jet lag, early morning lobby calls and flights to the next gig they showed no signs of fatigue playing as if they were in a massive stadium to 50,000 fans.

Start to end there was no let up, they were relentless as they charged through each song. Silverback Touring are right on the money and have clever knack of putting together these line ups.

Melbourne rockers Wicked Smile made the most of their short set opening with single Killer At Large from last year’s album release Wait For The Night. Their set focused on the album Wait For The Night including We Fall, Date With The Devil, Love’s Got A Hold You, Wait For The Night and Daze Of Delirium.

Emerging rock talent Cassidy Paris looks set for bigger things playing a solid set and really owning the stage. Backed by a super tight band Cassidy didn’t mess about rocking through her set which included singles Like I Never Love You, Stand, Song For The Broken Hearted and current single Wannabe. Keep an eye out when her album comes out soon.

H.E.A.T really did turn up the amps to eleven and took their own performance to another level. There was no way their performance could be faulted. They rocked hard, loud and fast leaving nothing on the table. Even wearing ear plugs they are still ringing! Their new album Force Majeure was a big focus of their set as was H.E.A.T II. Opening with One By One and Rock Your Body lead singer Kenny Leckremo thanked Adelaide for being here at the last show on their maiden tour and being a part of the flying away party promising to be back.

Dangerous Ground and Emergency got fists pumping and hips shaking with Leckremo saying that they were only just getting started and adding that they would like to come back as they haven’t had much time to walk around and check out each city. Also, pointing out that us island folk are relaxed and chilled reflecting on what has been an awesome tour for them. Singles from Force Majeure such as Hollywood, Back To The Rhythm and Nationwide proved popular. Plenty of set highlights as well including Redefined, Living On The Run and A Shot At Redemption.

There is no question that H.E.A.T won over a heap of new fans and those who contemplated going but didn’t will have to hear from others how good it was. Fingers crossed for a return visit sometime soon.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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