Jet City Sports Club Unveil New Single “Green Thumb”

Sydney quartet Jet City Sports Club unveils their shimmering indie pop tune Green Thumb. On this new single Lilla uses witty metaphors to illustrate how easily we can abandon relationships and with this new release, it further establishes Jet City Sports Club as one of Sydney’s premier fresh indie-pop voices. The band worked with producer Fletcher Matthews (Clews, Sweater Curse) with mastering by George Georgiagis (Debbies, The VANNS).

Green Thumb is comparable to long-time pioneers in that lush indie sound such as The Sundays, but with an unique Australian edge similar to ​​their contemporaries The Buoys and Teenage Joans. Slicing through the sun kissed vibes of Lilla vocals is Seb’s bass and Dom’s drum parts with Jack’s perfectly executed layer of guitar throughout the song that ties it all together. Lilla answers some questions about their new single and future plans.

How was the build up to your new single Green Thumb?
The time before a release is always so exciting, the photoshoots and organising of tour shows as well as the anticipation of the feedback from the song that we have been holding on to. But I love that lead up!

Was the process of making the single as challenging as you thought?
Releasing Green Thumb had its challenges, we didn’t want to release it until we were 100% happy with everything sound wise and surrounding the release also. The Music video was put together in the matter of a week with a budget of $50, which in itself was a challenge.

Was it a huge buzz hearing your single on the radio?
It’s always such an awesome and giddy feeling hearing your music on the radio. I suppose it’s a bit of a dream for every musical kid to hear themselves on the radio and it still makes me simultaneously embarrassed and extremely excited.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
Our latest music draws a lot of inspiration from pop music and so we have sort of ended up with an indie pop rock fusion which hopes to incite happiness and emotions of love and friendship.

How did the band get together?
Jack (Lead Guitarist) brought us all together. He knew Dom (Drummer) through high school, met Seb (Bassist) at a mutual friends party. I was introduced to Jack through a mutual friend at the Black Lives Matter protest in Sydney after the lockdown. We all wanted to be in a band as much as each other and so we came together very easily!

What inspired the band name?
There’s nothing too exciting about how we came up with our band name. Jack was set on naming the band something ‘Sports Club’ and we just went through all different variations. I suggested ‘The Sunny Jims’… which lasted all of 1 minute ahaha… We landed on Jet City and it stuck. As simple as that.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
Our influences change all the time. Although for Green Thumb I would say Beach Bunny, Phoebe Bridgers, Julia Jacklin and Holly Humberstone. These artists/band are indie-pop legends, song writing godesses and just know how to write a magnificent hook. We just want to write music that stacks up.

Are there plans for more new music, possibly an album this year?
I can’t say too much now but there may or may not be something coming out not too long down the line… this year.

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
We are definitely looking to tour more abroad. We are about to play Adelaide, Brisbane and Melbourne which is the furthest that we have played before, but we are always on the lookout to jump on overseas tours with bands that we love.

What’s next for Jet City Sports Club?
We are having a massive headline show in Sydney on the 17th of September! Its gonna be the biggest show we’ve had yet and you definitely don’t want to miss it. Plus we have a very exciting announcement prepared for the night.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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