Circles, Omnific, Future Static, Heartline @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 26/8/2022

Circles arrive in Adelaide on the back of their hot new track Sleepwalking. With it they bring along a blur of intense energy, searing vocals and the musicianship of talent of the top of their game.

Opening up is Adelaide’s own Heartline, who they themselves have recently dropped a banger of a single in Delorean. The new single gets a run out tonight along with equally as great belters like As The Crow Flies and Echo.

Heartline take their music through the dynamics of heavy grooves and atmospheric light, not overloading the sound to create an relaxing ambience before exploding with a chunderring barrage of blast beats and riffs we all love.

Last week on the first show of the tour, Future Static were cut down with Covid and played an acoustic set with the remaining members making tonight’s show the first proper run out. And they make it count.

Opening with the aptly titled Waves, the band throw their energy onto you before pulling back and going again. Vocalist Amariah Cook’s range starts from the growl of an angry animal to an angelic voice in a split second and when the music drops it hits like a tidal wave. This power continues throughout with a special mention to Venenosa and that killer riff to headbang too.

Three piecer Omnific are up next and after a whirlwind of a vocalist, how about none now? Even more unique, no guitarist. The one drummer and two bassists Melbourne outfit create a fusion of heavy grooves on a singular rhythm. Deploying the ability to make a bass at times replicate a guitar sound allows for both Matt Fack and Toby Peterson-Stewart to play off and around each other’s line without overlapping.

Headliners Circles have a tough gig following those bands up however they are more than up to the task. Erased opens the show with its quiet solitude start before becoming a train-track-rhythm of a stormer thereafter.

Winter shows how great and diverse a vocalist Ben Rechter is with Response simply amazing and Another Me a blizzard of metal fusion.

Slotting new track Sleepwalking next to oldie but goodie Eye Embedded is a quality decision that works smoothly with the crowd while Dream Sequence is mental, full of jagged riffs and as heavy as anything you’ve heard tonight.

Circles have brought an great line up on this tour, and with each band being superb musicians playing a great catalogue of songs, this is a gig you don’t want to miss. Get there early and soak it all in.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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