Ben Lee @ Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide 24/6/2022

Ben Lee returns to Adelaide and it always promises to be a fun night when he is in town. The tour in anticipation of his forthcoming album I’m Fun, which drops this August, treated fans to a nice selection of new cuts from it. Emerging from the dark haze back stage Ben emerged the dark haze backstage giving the crowd a “Good Evening Adelaide” and no doubt wondering where is everyone!

Opening with Gamble Everything For Love Ben promised that this show was strictly music and sorry to all the sports fans as there would be no squash or lacrosse. After Parents Get High Ben made the point to avoid the mosh pit at the front, pointing out the ‘sparseness’ which gave him this 1994 Battle Of The Bands vibe making him feel nostalgic taking him back to his roots. Performing the majority of the songs as a duo Ben covered plenty of ground in his set.

Highlights for me included Something Borrowed, Something Blue and Love Me Like The World Is Ending. Inserting some ‘regional humour’ Ben asked if there was anyone here from Port Willunga proceeding to play I Was Born For This Bullshit. Arsehole packed plenty of humour in its reflective song about looking backwards on yourself. With a few technology issues it was on to Like This Or Like That. With Ben asking his drummer to not lose the faith they got their on the end with Cigarettes Will Kill You which is what counts!

Ben spoke about parenting and what we tell our children and inspired by a Tom Waits interview on the same thing led to new tune Crooked Tree. Taking a couple of requests a couple of fans were treated to Close I’ve Come and Ten Feet Tall. Into The Dark was tops and Ben set the next song up as a prom song encouraging those out on a date to do some slow couple dancing during Is This How Love’s Supposed To Feel?

Talking about the encore ritual which according to Ben is demeaning ritual to both of us as he wasn’t taking anyone’s innocence he turned his back briefly with the idea that the crowd was meant to cheer loudly for him to return for four more. The encore was gold! Starting with That’s The Way I Like It and Ship My Body Home it was the stripped back versions of Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll and the show close We’re All In This Together which were the most powerful. The rowdy sing-a-long was a great way to finish off the night.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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