I Prevail, Motionless In White, Windwaker @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 23/6/2022

I, Prevail clean vocalist Brian Burkheiser asks the Adelaide crowd to give a big cheer to his band mate, co- vocalist Eric Vanlerberghe, after advising us he is receiving medical treatment back stage. As a crowd, we will sing his parts however as the opening sounds to the amazing new song Body Bag starts Eric comes back and delivers once again. Proof in the magic of music, concerts and a collective spirit.

Eric’s movements are muted however he maintains the course, propped up by his microphone stand to play his part, to not let his fans down. The band sound majestic, the light show synchronised perfectly and a audience only to willing to sing and move around in place of Eric.

It becomes one of those special moments you only get at a live show. No contrived stage moves and pre planned speeches, we are witnessing a musical moment and Eric and I, Prevail are the lead performers.

They have been superbly supported tonight by Melbourne’s Windwaker and America’s Motionless In White.

Windwaker’s new album Love Language delivered on all the promise that extensive touring and working on your craft does. Mixing rap rhymes with hellfire breakdowns, a touch of funk, punk and spunk, Windwaker make the room come alive that you can literally feel the floor sway underneath. A metalled up version of Britney Spears Toxic thrown in for good measure, the set list is Windwaker at their best, finishing with the sublime Lucy.

Motionless In White meanwhile have been here before and know what needs to be done. Visually spectacular in make up, they bring the songs that bounce like Necessary Evil and Reincarnate, the songs that get the audience involved on Thoughts And Prayers and chuck a few newbies in for good measure such as the industrial pounding awesome Cyberhex.

Vocalist Chris Cerulli all the while is the circus ringleader imploring everyone to sing Another Life and when the band finish with the gleeful Eternally Yours, Chris hands out roses to adoring fans down the front.

This show was meant to be two years ago and now it has finally arrived, I, Prevail make up for lost time as they detonate on stage first with Bow Down then onto Gasoline and Scars. The room is rocking, as the dual vocals work in tandem like getting a one-two punch from Mike Tyson.

Three songs zoom by in a ecstatic flash before a gap which only became apparent later appears as the band slip through their ‘slower’ numbers DOA and Hurricane.

The crowd are raucous, jumping and singing and enjoying the release that the music brings. The band sound just as good live as on record as they absorb the energy given to them.

Which leads us to Body Bag and the news of Eric being stricken. The chant for his good health mesmerising him to come back on stage and finish the gig despite his discomfort.

The band don’t let this stop the energy though, the show must go on after all and Low and Paranoid tell you the speed of the songs is not slowing and by the time Deadweight is brought to the table, the crowd are soaking wet yet baying for ‘one more song’.

The band oblige with Come And Get It which creates a momentous circle pit and chants of ‘it’s about to get rowdy’ before the bomb explodes in a mass of bodies rushing each other.

I, Prevail did exactly that. They prevailed despite Eric’s concerns and created a night of musical history. One that people will talk about around these parts for years. That is the magic that only music can provide.

Live Review By Iain McCallum

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