King Blue On New Single ‘Breathless’

Inspired by their collective life experiences, Perth indie-groovers King Blue have released their fourth single, the aptly titled Breathless. Having previously driven songs with heavier guitars and a booming rhythm section, the band are shifting towards a more nuanced approach for the new single. Taking inspiration from Spacey Jane, Ocean Alley & Stella Donnelly, with their own coastal WA flavour, Breathless mixes grooving bass lines with shimmering guitar licks. Paired with vocalist Skye Sam’s melodic pop sensibility and smooth harmonies, the track carries listeners higher and remains stuck in their mind, long after the song is finished. The band give Hi Fi Way more insight behind the single.

How was the build up been to the new single Breathless?
I think I can collectively say that Breathless is our favourite song that we’ve recorded so far, so the build up to the release for us was so exciting we just couldn’t wait to get it out.

What is the story behind the single?
To put it simply – it’s a love song! I think i realised that out of all the songs we’ve written, we’ve never actually properly written one about love so I was really keen to finally do that. It’s just something that is so relatable for so many people, and probably the most popular song topic so we decided it was finally time.

What has the fan response been like so far?
We’re super happy with the response we’ve been getting from the track so far. When we first started playing it at gigs, our friends would come up to us and immediately state that the ‘new’ song in our set is there automatic favourite and the streams so far on it are looking up too!

What was your reaction when you heard the single on the radio?
The first time we heard it played on the radio, Tobi, Craig and I were all walking out of the radio building together after the interview we’d done, playing it on our phone. I was screaming the lyrics and dancing down the street, and we were all singing it in the car park until the end. It was so exciting to finally hear it out because we put a lot of work into this song and we’re all super proud of it.

How would you compare it sonically to some of your other music?
I think this one just has a very powerful chorus melody that is a bit catchier than our other tunes. I think we just put a lot more thought into this tracks production and really dug into it with our producer Andy Lawson, he was super helpful in pushing us to add and perfect Breathless.

Is the band building towards an album or EP?
We’re actually heading back into Debaser Studios end of June to make a start on our first EP! We’re so stoked for it, it feels like we’re finally reaching our signature sound and I think that’ll show in the EP.

Who would you say is the biggest shared musical influence/ inspiration for King Blue?
This question is so difficult because we look up to so many different musicians and we all have very unique and personal music tastes. But i think we can all agree that we definitely look up to musicians like Spacey Jane and Mako Road, they help inspire us to try and explore new song structures and writing styles and we just love their music.

Are you pumped to be able to make up for lost time after the last couple of years?
To be quite honest, COVID didn’t really affect us too badly but i’m excited to see venues with no capacity restrictions and to play and write and record as much as we can!

Are you looking forward to being able to tour more broadly around the country this year?
We’re so excited to finally do our own tour at the end of the year to celebrate the EP release. It’s still quite a bit away, but we’ve already started making plans for it and it’s looking like it’ll be a great time.

What’s next for King Blue?
Our biggest focus for now is just writing as much as can so we can release more and more music so people can get to know who we are as a band! I’d love to get a music video done for at least one of the singles too.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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