Running Touch Reflects On New Album ‘Carmine’

Running Touch’s long-awaited CARMINE Australian Tour 2022 is almost here. Following an incredible summer festival run the Melbourne-born showman brings his headline tour across Australia now that the release of his debut album Carmine (out through Island Records Australia) is out now.

Carmine is a record about violence and love establishes the much-adored Australian artist as a world-class storyteller, a fearless innovator, and a master of atmosphere second to none in Australian electronic music. Brimming with grit and glamour, the Carmine tour represents the beginning of a new chapter for the enigmatic artist: the advent of Running Touch’s second life as a juggernaut of intelligent, heart-rending dance music. Matt from Running Touch answers a few questions about Carmine for Hi Fi Way.

How is the build up to your debut album release going?
Hi! Good thanks. Everything feels very really cohesive and like it’s coming together. It’s a big moment for the project.

With so many artists having faced setbacks over the last two years, does it feel like Carmine has been a long time in the making?
Definitely. I think we pushed this back four4 times with the scene just not existing. More than that, I’ve been doing this for five or so years and this is my first album. Every decision and song up to this point has informed this. I am so glad it’s taken me this long because I was not ready a few years ago

What is the story behind the single Come With Me?
Come With Me follows the thoughts from my song Juno. Obsessiveness and escape. Wanting and needing to escape wherever it is you are. Go wherever life leads, but wanting to do it with someone, but you’re unsure if they want to.

How hard has the last twelve to eighteen months been as a musician and trying to make new music?
It’s been a really strange experience. Not having that direction and influence from the pillar of music that is touring, travel and absorbing your audience makes things harder. And I only really learnt that in retrospect. I value that a lot more now. It’s necessary.

What are the go to albums that get you feeling inspired?
Any Leon Vynehall album. Ben Bohmers newest record Begin Again. Loving Kanye’s Graduation atm.

Do you have plenty more ideas up your sleeve for new music down the track?
I’ve started writing whatever the next body of work is, so yes! The older I get I’m hoping the more prolific I become.

You’re last big headline show was the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in February of last year, how optimistic do you feel about touring this year?
I feel more optimistic than the last two years, that’s for sure. The energy in the air feels a lot more hopeful, so I have faith!

What’s something that most fans wouldn’t know about Running Touch?
I used to have a pet tarantula!

Interview By Rob Lyon

Tickets for Running Touch Australian Tour are available HERE

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