Mesmeriser Share Their Top Ten Tracks That Inspired ‘Sold!’

Mesmeriser are bold and unapologetic in their nuanced examination of current society in latest EP SOLD!. They’ve proven themselves as garage rock powerhouses through the lead single of the same name, a confident critique of the unfulfilling ultra-materialistic society we live in.

Pulling inspiration from contemporaries The Strokes and The Libertines, Mesmeriser add their own hugely accomplished take into the alternative garage-rock oeuvre. Recorded at Yap Yap Studios in Sydney Australia, the EP was mixed by Oscar Sharah (Mel Blue) and mastered by Ryan Schwabe.

It’s one thing to make a great sounding song, it’s another to skilfully weave a nuanced message, balancing complex themes throughout a body of work and still have it sounding great. This is one of Mesmeriser’s many talents that sets them apart as highly skilled musicians. Mesmeriser expertly examines the hyper-consumerist and morally vacant society we live in by spotlighting the obsession with over-consumption and instant gratification – an ultimately unfulfilling and largely unsustainable pursuit.

The band share their top ten tracks that have inspired their new EP Sold!

Whole Lotta Love: oozes Led Zeppelinness. Once we had the punching bass rhythm, Whole Lotta Love came straight to mind.

Red & Blue: Harts creates an amazing sound on this track by having the guitar and vocal play the same notes. It’s something we referenced when writing the vocal/guitar part for SOLD!

Senora Borealis: BRONCHO have this incredible ability to marry grungy guitar sounds with some of the sweetest melodies out there. If we’ve captured a small fraction of that in this EP we’re happy.

Half Full Glass Of Wine: Half Full Glass Of Wine is a half full glass of Whole Lotta Love. By that same metric, SOLD! is a half full glass of Half Full Glass Of Wine. Ya know?

Giant Tortoise: There is no denying the immense chaos that runs through this track, It’s an incredible strong rock song, but is also incredibly sweet. One Of Those Days tried to capture some of that.

Walk In The Park: Walk in the Park has such a powerful sense of nostalgia, it makes you yearn for a place and time that you may never even have experienced. It’s something we tried to capture in All In Good Time

Something: The working title for All In Good Time was ‘The Beatles’. We tried to lean into those Beatles sensibilities and Something is the most potent example of what we were trying to emulate.

Gina Works At Hearts: Sign Me Up draws a lot of inspiration from riff heavy rockers DZ Deathrays. We wanted to capture that raw, chaotic energy in the track.

My Delirium: Perhaps not the most stylistically similar song to Broker of Sin, but My Delirium has a certain dynamic sensibility we love and will attempt to recreate forever.

Helicopter: Bloc Party as a whole has been a band we have all loved since we were kids. Helicopter may seem like a cliché song to put on this list, but it’s still so instantly catchy and explosive, and has meant so much to us as a band.

Mesmeriser’s new EP Sold! is out now…