Dice On The Five Records That Have Influenced Them

Welcome to Perth’s soon-to-be-festival-favourites, DICE.

As always, DICE are effortlessly commanding in their latest single Bad Tattoo. Featuring their signature soaring guitar riffs, smooth buttery vocals and driving drums. Reminiscent of Aussie favourites, The VANNS, Spacey Jane and Beddy Rays, DICE add their own hugely accomplished take on Indie-Rock into the Aussie Anthem oeuvre.

The boys of DICE have spent time in the studio with collaborator and producer Sam Ford at Tone City Recording Studio (Psychedelic Porn Crumpets, POND & Abbe May) recording their latest single, Bad Tattoo. A grungy rock anthem for the adolescent experience, that will make you look fondly at the dodgy stick-and-poke you let your friend do after a few beers.

Bad Tattoo is the latest single pulled from their upcoming debut EP, Adolescent Arcade, a collection of memories mapping their formative first year playing as a band. “We wanted to be able to share our experiences, emotions and struggles over the past year. As we progress as a band, we want to show our old and new fans that we’re still a bunch of young guys who are passionate about music.” DICE

Dice share their five albums that have influenced the band…

Sunlight – Spacey Jane
Homegrown Perth stars, Spacey Jane hit the Australia music industry with a bang after Sunlight came out. This album is rich with an Aussie blend of indie, surf rock tunes which have played a big part in our own tracks. Songs such as Good For You, with it’s raw guitar strumming is so fitting to the gritty, up tempo mood of our own tracks.

El Camino – Black Keys
The inspiration from tracks such as Lonely Boy and Stop Stop come in the form of Thomas’ lead line creations, fast and catchy. Our songs also follow similar structures to many tracks on this album, intros with fun lead lines that also appear throughout the song. We have also been told that the way Benjamin sings is quite similar to Dan Auerbach, the vocalist of the black keys and in some songs I must agree.

Please Please Me – The Beatles
One thing from this album that I would say didn’t rub off on us would be the mixing of the music, having instruments, mainly drums, panned and stuck to one side,I think we’ll leave that with The Beatles. What I feel we did draw off this album however was based in the simplicity and themes. Simple song structures, minimal guitar layers and themes presenting young adulthood, good memories, and relationships good or bad.

My Own Mess – Skegss
Upbeat guitars, catchy and memorable riffs partnered with vocals that share personal yet relatable anecdotes about life. The unique sound that the Skeggs have is also something we strive for, making each song different enough from each other whilst still attempting to create a signature sound. Definitely something we are still developing but goals for the future nonetheless.

Land of Pleasure – Sticky Fingers
Putting aside the actions of the band, the music and song writing of Land of Pleasure deeply resonated with me. The blend of lead and rhythm guitar with the big open instruments in many of their songs such as Velvet Skies and Lazerhead left me in awe. These were some songs that were a huge inspiration to me when creating our new songs.

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