Meg Mac Announces ‘On Your Mind’ Announces National Headline Tour

Meg Mac’s music carries a soulful intensity. Each song is marked by her impressive force of character, imposing a kind of direct communication between this Australian artist and the listener. In new single On Your Mind this force is perhaps embodied purest – the work of a radiant voice atop a hypnotic slow-burner that leaves a lasting impact.

Down-tempo and down-beat, Meg Mac seems to use this space to assert her own stylish approach to song writing. Neo-soul marked with undeniable swagger, On Your Mind is reminiscent of Portishead in its emotional allure, with production team The Donuts – whose credits include H.E.R. and Kendrick Lamar, amongst others – adding a distinct and refreshing twist.

One of Meg’s most raw sounding records to date, On Your Mind found its charm by virtue of the remote collaboration between Sydney and LA. “I sent the Donuts a simple vocal and piano demo and some references for the mood I was thinking. But it was pretty loose, they could do whatever they wanted. One day they sent a video from the studio of a tiny snippet, I played it on repeat I was so obsessed.”

Meg continues “They tore it apart and flipped it completely, when I heard the full song I was so confused and excited. My BV’s had become the chorus, they chopped up all these vocals, moved everything around, changed all the chords.”

A thrilling and transformative single, On Your Mind is part of Meg Mac’s irresistible rise. Her previous cut Is It Worth Being Sad immediately became the most-played song on Triple J and received rave reviews from media around the world.

The songs remain her driving force, however, and On Your Mind burns brightest of all. Paired with a divine live video recorded in Golden Retriever studio, this majestic moment could rank as the crowning point of Meg Mac’s musicality, and an exciting taste of more surprising music to come.

News of the release is spearheaded by announcement of Meg’s return to the stage for the first time in 2 years, with a national headline tour hitting 5 capital cities set for May/June, ending with a performance at the iconic Sydney Opera House as part of this year’s Vivid Festival.

Ticket info HERE

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