Daniel Johns Releases Anticipated New Solo Album ‘FutureNever’

Daniel Johns, one of the most decorated Australian artists and songwriters of his generation, releases his second solo album titled FutureNever. The anticipated new album is out now globally via BMG and available HERE

As the front man of internationally-acclaimed rock band Silverchair, Johns returns with new music after the international success of his 2021 Spotify Original podcast Who Is Daniel Johns? an in-depth, documentary-style podcast that for the first time ever shared an unfiltered version of Johns’ life and career. The podcast was an instant success, charting at #1 in Australia for five consecutive weeks, peaking at #3 in Canada, #11 in the UK, #23 in US, #47 in Ireland and #58 in Brazil.

Released without singles, FutureNever is one of Johns’ most stupefying, arresting full-length statements to date. He shares, “Don’t talk to me about this record not sounding like Silverchair, every Silverchair record I wrote was criticised for not sounding enough like Silverchair”, Johns laughs, before asserting that “FutureNever is designed to be manic and cryptic, it sounds a lot like my thought process”.

“As an artist, I find myself getting bored quickly, so with this album I wanted to deliver an exciting record that feels like an adventure for the listener. I’ve stopped running from my past – I am here, I’m embracing it. In the FutureNever there are subtle and not so subtle hints to some of the worlds and characters I’ve created over the years”, before concluding, “FutureNever is me at my best, but it’s not designed to be a ‘best of’”.

So, why drop an album in its entirety? Johns says simply, “the music industry is chasing the next viral soundbite, I have no interest in that. I give people way more credit than that, I want to share a world that invites repeat listens and encourages discussion and analysis”.

Visit FutureNever.art, an evolving, interactive platform, and explore a selection of exclusive bundles and new merchandise.

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