Mix Tape Volume 14

We love a good mix tape at Hi Fi Way, have a look to see who made Volume Fourteen:

Dean Lewis returns with his first single of 2022 Hurtless taken from his forthcoming second album. Following on from 2021’s Looks Like Me and Falling Up, Hurtless it’s an honest, revealing piece of song writing that sees Lewis emotionally replay the crushing end of a relationship. The soaring ballad balances the despair of a breakup with a feeling of hope, envisioning a brighter future.

Written from the heart about a true story Lewis says, “You know when you plan your entire life out with someone, you see your future with that person, then all of a sudden one night, they do something and from that point on, you realise they are not the person you thought they were. All your plans for the future aren’t going to happen and you’re back to just being with yourself.”

This new single features some of his most vivid song writing yet. In the chorus, the stark imagery of “standing in a black dress” is used by Lewis as a metaphor depicting the juxtaposition between wearing white to a wedding and wearing black to a funeral. “The lady wearing the black dress to me, represents the funeral of the relationship,” he says.

It’s a dark portrayal but as always with Lewis’ music, there’s a focus on a future where it doesn’t feel like this anymore. “I know the day will come when this won’t hurt anymore, and all the pain is just an afterthought,” he sings.

Forthright US groove rock masters CLUTCH have released a brand new single and video, Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone).

Frontman and lyric wordsmith Neil Fallon explains, “Early in 2021, I learned the Boss Metal Zone pedal schematic was being presented as “proof” that the Covid-19 vaccine had an electronic component to communicate with 5G cellular networks. It was, of course, nonsense. It sounded like a Philip K. Dick premise. I didn’t want to write a song specific to Covid-19 vaccines, so I went with the Philip K. Dick angle (again). “Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?” came to mind (replicants, in particular, representing what is real and not real, or is there a difference at all?). The video makes no secret that this is a homage to Philip K. Dick and a future where we have distortion coursing through our veins.”

Drummer Jean-Paul Gaster adds, “‘Red Alert (Boss Metal Zone)’ is one of the faster cuts on our forthcoming album. It kicks in and hits like a freight train. The intensity of the recording reminds me of our live shows. This song cooks, and I can’t wait to play it on tour!”

L.A.B arrive with their new single Real Ones featuring Aotearoa based artist Kings which is taken from their recently released #1 album L.A.B V. Alongside the release, one of Aotearoa’s largest names in electronic music, QUIX, has presented an energetic trap remix of the original track.

Featuring vocals from rapper Kings, Real Ones is a standout hip-hop track from the album and arrives shortly after its massive live debut across L.A.B’s sold-out summer tour. Real Ones is taken from the album L.A.B V, the band’s fifth album in five years which topped the charts upon release in NZ and has already been certified Gold.

Multiple ARIA and GRAMMY Award winner Keith Urban unveils his first single of 2022, Nightfalls, a euphoric moonlit anthem co-written with Greg Kurstin (Beck, Paul McCartney) and Mozella (Madonna, Rhianna). Bound to be a crowd favourite at Keith’s forthcoming ‘THE SPEED OF NOW WORLD TOUR’ shows, the infectious track marks a similar return of Urban’s high-energy, in-the-moment spirit and all-round divergent musicality.

Keith says, “Writing “Nightfalls” with Greg Kurstin and Mozella was pure joy. Two summers have gone by with no way to tour and the desire to have that feeling again inspired every part of this song and recording. In a world so full of real struggles and fractures, I wanna try and bring something to help us exhale and be in the moment – if only for 3 mins and 41 seconds.”

Recently signed to Crusader Records / Golden Robot Records, South African sleaze rockers L.A. COBRA have released their first single for the label, She’s My Prison, which is available now on all digital platforms.

Formed in November 2005, L.A. COBRA is the only sleaze/glam/hair metal band on the African continent. They are the “sleaze rocking hair metal stars” from Pretoria (home of multi-platinum rock superstars SEETHER), flying the 80’s glam rock flag from the handlebars of their Harley’s whilst making a name for themselves internationally and locally.

She’s My Prison, is an anthemic arena rock single that revolves around the restrictive nature of a failed relationship. The track features screaming guitars, thunderous drums and bass, and a sing-along chorus that fans will distinctly recognize as L.A. COBRA.

GRAMMY nominated, multi-platinum singer/songwriter Shawn Mendes debuted his new single When You’re Gone via Island Records. Get it here! The track was written by Shawn, Jonah Shy, and Scott Harris and produced by Shawn and Jonah Shy. When You’re Gone follows Shawn’s release of It’ll Be Okay from December of 2021.

Alongside the song, Shawn also premiered the video for the new track. The video was directed by Jay Martin (It’ll Be Okay, Mercy, Stitches). The video was shot in Toronto and Austin across multiple days capturing the actual recording, rehearsing, and first ever live performance of the song at SXSW.

As he rolls out his solo debut Listen To The Water (out May 13), Luke Steele continues to reveal the album’s singular charm and expansive sonic treasures. He shares Running Running, a patiently unfolding lullaby that grasps at calm in a moment of anxiety. With elements of Bowie’s sci-fi-addled mysticism, the analog-meets-synthetic experimentation of ‘80s King Crimson, and the enigmatic yet meditative acoustic soundworlds of Mutations-era Beck, Steele sings himself through overwhelming waves of panic. “Running running, round in my head / I can feel it coming back again,” Steele sings, as lilting pedal steel and vintage drum machines provide distinctive colour and a sense of perpetual motion towards the horizon.

As they tour around Australia on the SummerSalt Festival, Birds Of Tokyo have just dropped their first new music for 2022. Perhaps surprisingly for a song written during the Victorian and NSW lockdowns, Smith Street celebrates the feeling of running free.

“I guess every town has a Smith Street”, explains Birds frontman Ian Kenny, “but in this case we were thinking of the one in Melbourne … we’ve had a few big nights in those Collingwood pubs over the years. Obviously, the last couple of years have been incredibly difficult, particularly for Victorians, but now it looks like it’s finally OK for them to go out and celebrate with friends again. This song is meant to be a soundtrack for that experience that so many people have been missing.”

Fresh from festival appearances at The Great Escape and UNIFY and on the cusp of stepping onto the Full Tilt stage this weekend, Slowly Slowly are revealing a brand new music video for their latest single Nothing On. Bursting with life and colour, the clip finds Slowly Slowly basking in jubilance and light-heartedness.

“We wanted to create a fun, tongue in cheek aesthetic to compliment ‘Nothing On’,” shares Slowly Slowly frontman Ben Stewart. “We worked with Cian (Marangos) on teasing out the colourful nature of the track – it definitely got us out of our gloomy comfort zone and it was nice to not take ourselves so seriously for a day. Even us sad sacks like to live a little!”

Accessible from all angles, Nothing On sees Slowly Slowly expertly strike the balance between frivolity and depth. Listeners on the outskirts of the band’s world will be drawn in by its dance and pop-esque sensibilities; equally, faithful Slowly Slowly listeners will notice this tune’s heartache-tinged qualities and the depth of its storytelling.

After a triumph Australian promotional visit, 2023 Australian tour announcement and headline performance at the 2022 Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade, award-winning songwriter and performer Darren Hayes shares his cheeky throwback video for his currently single Do You Remember?

In the music video, which Darren Hayes co-directed and again wrote (this time with co-director and co-star Madeleine Coghlan) – the fictional 80’s world he has created for this new era continues. It’s laced with comedy high jinks, more choreography and an after credits gag reel that could rival most feature films.

The homage to an era doesn’t stop with the sound. Like the previous music video, almost a short film, Hayes continues to present a version of his past that is clearly a peach tinted re-imagining of his actual life. Timelines blur with the neon and pastel of the 1980’s sitting comfortably next to a Dandy-esque 60’s presentation of the singer portraying himself having a blast.

Written and recorded in Darren’s home base of Los Angeles, Do You Remember? is another strong example of his re-energised talents as a solo songwriter, arranger and producer. From the top down, each element of the track was conceptualised and executed by Darren himself, with mixing and mastering completed by Trevor Yasuda (Dua Lipa, Lana Del Rey) and Mike Bozzi (Childish Gambino, Janet Jackson) respectively.

Australian alternative bright lights Yours Truly have unveiled their new single and music video Lights On, alongside the reveal of their rescheduled Australian headline tour.

At just shy of three minutes long, Lights On is fiery and to-the-point, while sticking around long enough to firmly cement itself in the listener’s head. Yours Truly vocalist Mikaila Delgado shares more on how the track was born:

“’Lights On’ is about challenging the way you view yourself and how much that is influenced by other people. Doing impulsive things to come off as adventurous and fun while you feel like you’re falling apart behind the scenes. I find it interesting when someone says “You’re not who I expected you to be” and when you sit with that for a while you start to think “what do I look like to others? Who am I to myself?” I figured out during this pandemic that being alone with your thoughts is where you truly begin to unpack who you are to your core,” she explains.

“I discovered that a lot of my identity is linked to being in this band. Naturally it’s not a glamorous process, but it’s recognising that you can’t hide behind some story you made up to tell some stranger when you’re out drunk because the only person you are living with is yourself.”

Kate Miller-Heidke releases her single and video for You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore (ft. Jaguar Jonze) – lifted from the forthcoming Deluxe Tour Edition of her Top 10 ARIA Album Child In Reverse.

A deeply personal song of survival and catharsis that dances on the grave of an abuser, You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore originally featured as a synth-heavy version on the original release of Child In Reverse, Kate decided to re-work the track for the deluxe reissue of the album, and invited Jaguar Jonze – who had inspired Kate to write the song originally – to collaborate, reshaping the song into a duet layered with guitar.

“I had been talking with Jaguar Jonze about the abuse she suffered during her childhood. I started to think about an experience I had during my own childhood, and jotted down the title ‘You Can’t Hurt Me Anymore’. That day Tobias Kuhn brought in that circular minor synth hook that explodes into the beautiful release of a major one. It immediately worked for the title. We had an amazing day that day – everyone was so excited by the epic pre-chorus (possibly the best pre-chorus I’ve ever been involved in writing). I cried a bit. I had never written directly about this before, and it was cathartic.” says Kate.

Perth punk champs Dennis Cometti (The Band) are back with their newie Death Rattle, lifted from their double A-Side 7” Death Rattle / Limiter out now via Bargain Bin Records.

Death Rattle is a charging punk rock tale about three unlikely lads from Freo just trying to get to Albany to play a show, fanging it down the highway in a shit box car and running into the cops along the way.

Dennis Cometti explain: “Imagine piling all your gear into the Camry, hitting the open road and having the constant punish of cops, piss stops and, of course, the fact your car is not likely gonna make it because the steering is fucked, it keeps overheating, the tyres are flat and the stereo doesn’t work. All you can think about is getting to the show to drink the rider.”

Australia’s heavy trailblazers Northlane have unveiled their new single Carbonized, the final track before the band release their hugely anticipated sixth album, Obsidian, next month. Due to ongoing supply chain issues, Obsidian will now be released on April 22 via Believe.

Carbonized is a vital song that demands abusers and predators be held accountable. Driven by a visceral performance from frontman Marcus Bridge, you can feel his primal growl hunting offenders out of the shadows and into the harsh light of day to finally face their reckoning. Carbonized is ugly and confronting – and that’s the point.

Bridge elaborates: “We need to start holding predators and abusers accountable for the awful things they have done. Time and time again, the phrase ‘separate the artist from the art’ is used to discount and deflect the damage these people (often men in a position of power) have inflicted on those around them. Whether it’s manipulating minors or putting a hit out on your wife, it shocks me that fans will forget all about it because their latest track is really heavy. Stand with the victims, not the artists continuing their careers as if nothing ever happened. This song is a reminder.”

After teasing fans with a series of mysterious posts beginning the night before her birthday this past week, 7-time GRAMMY® Award winner Carrie Underwood’s highly anticipated new single, Ghost Story, is out now.

Written by Josh Kear, Hillary Lindsey and David Garcia and co-produced by David Garcia and Underwood, the superstar describes Ghost Story as “a different take on a revenge song, which is something I love to sing about. Instead of smashing headlights, this scorned lover is letting her ex know that she will continue to haunt him no matter how hard he tries to forget her.”

“‘Ghost Story’ is a thrilling, dramatic song that David, Hillary and Josh wrote for me,” says Underwood. “They are such talented, amazing songwriters who know me so well, and from the first time I heard it I knew I had to record it. I have always loved performing songs that tell a story and inspire some kind of cinematic imagery when you hear them, and that is definitely true of ‘Ghost Story.’ It creates a mood and a vibe that is different than anything else I’ve recorded before.”

Hot on the heels of their recent smash single Heart and Mine, multi-platinum selling American pop band HOT CHELLE RAE return with a classically catchy new single Stupid Song which is out now on all digital platforms via Yama Records / Golden Robot Records.

The lyrics of Stupid Song playfully speak to anyone who has loved someone without feeling the same love in return; while the music brings a nostalgia from the post pop-emo era of acoustic guitar led anthems. True to their style, HOT CHELLE RAE give you edgy tongue in cheek attitude, with a melody that’ll make you listen on repeat.

Fresh from their electric appearance at UNIFY over the weekend, Short Stack have lifted another taste from their upcoming album Maybe There’s No Heaven in the form of new single Sunshine. Short, sharp and memorable, Sunshine channels the best of Short Stack’s rock, grunge and pop-punk tethers into a blistering three minutes.

“Sunshine is about how one person can light up your whole life,” says Short Stack frontman Shaun Diviney of the track. “We absolutely loved playing this live at UNIFY and can’t wait to bring it along to more shows. The energy of the song is my favourite part and I love the drums particularly, they’re awesome.”

Ball Park Music and Prawn Records are very proud to unveil the video for Stars In My Eyes, the second single lifted from the bands forthcoming Weirder & Weirder album, due for release Friday 3rd June 2022.

Ball Park are very excited for fans to see the new video. “In the last week, there’s been much debate worldwide over whether there are more doors or wheels in existence. We have no idea what the answer is but we do know that our music video for ‘Stars In My Eyes’ features the world’s most important door, a door that will transport you from a beautiful field in the middle of nowhere to the iconic RNA showground arena in the heart of Brisbane to witness Ball Park Music doing what we do best.”

Stars In My Eyes was directed by Nick Maguire and shot in and around Brisbane. A long-time collaborator with the band, Nick and his crew did a fantastic job capturing such beautiful imagery to compliment a Ball Park Music song. “This song has two sides,” Sam Cromack said. “One side looks to the past: did I ever have stars in my eyes? Was that romantic version of myself from yesteryear experiencing something real? The other side looks to the future (which is getting increasingly hard to do). This side wants to be told one thing, even if it’s a lie. It wants to be told yes. Yes, there is romance to life. Yes, you should bother to dream. And yes, you still have stars in your eyes. It’s a kinda sad, but kinda hopeful song.

SHOTGUN MISTRESS have dropped a sensational unplugged version of the hit ballad, May She Never Walk Alone, out now through Crusader Records.

After a string of successful singles that gathered global interest, the Melbourne based rockers released their debut self-titled album in July 2021, which was met with strong critical acclaim, brandishing monster arena ready tracks such as Glorious Machine, Collide and Bleed Me Out.

May She Never Walk Alone describes the transience of life, exquisitely portrayed in a heady and dynamic ballad. While harnessing the expressive tonal colours of a string section, this masterful track mixes eloquence with a dash of spirit-fuelled raw energy. May She Never Walk Alone is painfully poignant. For the fallen who we all know, and for those we don’t.

Emerging from their caravan by the coast, Alt Fiction have released their first new music since debuting in 2020 and being spotlighted on triple j Unearthed as Feature Artist.

Yesterday is the Gold Coast trio’s new single, seamlessly merging the sounds of indie pop with coastal rock.

The track is a tidy tune, delivered with a tightness that can only come from blood. It’s a synchronicity that was founded as brothers Mitch, Matt and Will Tyler grew up together in the rural QLD town of Killarney. From those humble country origins, Alt Fiction are now well into their ascent to Gold Coast indie pop rock stars.

Yesterday shimmers with bright guitars and swelling reverb, as nostalgic synths bounce over a timeless groove. The energy culminates with an undeniably catchy pop chorus, complete with a melody effortlessly delivering its reflective lyrics. “It’s about understanding what goes up in a relationship must come down,” says singer and guitarist Will Tyler. “About remembering the best times to help you through the worst, and coming to grips with the fact that no relationship can stay perfect.”

Award-winning folk favourite Kim Churchill is back with sun-soaked new release Fighter, from his forthcoming album due later this year. Staying true to his cathartic acoustic roots, Fighter rides the waves that life throws our way and celebrates inner strength in the face of self doubt.

Organic in his storytelling, Kim’s compelling vocals are raw and honest and the track warms you with layered guitars and blues-infused soundscapes.

Kim reflects on the single; “As I move through my life I feel, from time to time, the inevitable doubts a person has about their path and their ability to soundly navigate life. For me, these doubts normally come in the form of me questioning my own strength and ability to handle hard a difficult times.

“Fighter” is a celebration of the strength I know I have and a reminder to myself and to others that we have, within us, what it takes to tackle life and its ups and downs regardless of who we are – or how gentle we like to be with our existence.”

Boston’s own garage punk-n-rollers BAABES set the music world alight in 2021 with the release of two dirty, sleazy, garage punk rock singles, Greaseballs to Glitters and Bad Boy Worse Drugs via Riot Records. Now the BAABES are readying themselves for the release of their self-titled album by dropping a new single and video Too Cool for Pants.

Legend has it that the BAABES boys were drinking in the morning…and this is what happened. Too Cool for Pants is an infectious groove that explodes into a banging chorus with lyrics you’d have to be a little off-centre to come up with and, of course, a lot of attitude…just the way BAABES like it!

BAABES new self-titled album is a heavy, distorted, loud and fun record that brings to mind the early proto-punk and garage rock sounds of the 70’s without being derivative or old. BAABES brings new energy with an in-your-face, burn-the-house-down feel that’s just a good time. It’s the raucous, ratchet dance party we all need right now!

Irish-Australian rockers from Sydney’s inner west, FLICKERTAIL, (formerly The Bitter Sweethearts), have released their new live single, Don’t You Let Me (Let You Down) – Live in the Studio, available now on all digital platforms, out through Golden Robot Records.

FLICKERTAIL play guitar-fuelled rock and roll exactly the way it’s supposed to be played. Drawing inspiration from the likes of Thin Lizzy, the Dubliners, Airbourne and The Darkness, the band honed their sound in the garages and booze dens of Sydney before hitting the road in 2015 to showcase their unique sound at every pub, club and back yard along Australia’s eastern coast.

Their new single, Don’t You Let Me (Let You Down) has been lifted from the upcoming live EP Afterlife, which is slated for release mid-year. The track features sizzling guitars, high-paced lyrics about parties and poor decisions and a balls-to-the-wall drum solo that could make John Bonham blush.

Regional Queensland based singer and songwriter, Jade Holland, makes a welcome return in 2022 with her brand-new single Summertime, Sunshine and You.

Following on from the number one Australian Country Radio success of Fight for it, the official anthem for the 2021 Walk for Awareness, Summertime sees a return to Holland’s country pop roots and is the catchy feel-good song of 2022 that keeps us longing for the beach all year round.

“Living in Queensland, the climate and lifestyle are just so unique and beautiful, it’s like falling in love every day. After so many songs about heart break, I wanted to feel the sweetness of love in a song that puts me right back into summer mode regardless of what time of year it is.” Holland shares.

With her next album due for release in November 2022, Summertime builds the bridge for this country girl’s catalogue of songs from heart break right through to love and marks the beginning of a new chapter in her journey in music. “Being unable to travel and tour has led me to a deeper understanding of myself as an artist. The stories that I share about love and life in a small Aussie country town reflect a sentiment that so many people relate to.” Holland adds that Summertime, Sunshine and You is the perfect taste of what’s to come from her – musically and as a female artist.

We are proud to share with you the music video for Swedish high energy rock and roll band THE HELLACOPTERS’ brand-new single So Sorry I Could Die.

The song is the 3rd single taken from the band’s 8th studio album, Eyes Of Oblivion, which will be released on April 1st, 2022! Produced by Nicke Andersson & Chips Kisbye (who has overseen every Hellacopters album since High Visibility in the year 2000), it will be the band’s first full-length since the release of their temporary farewell record Head Off in 2008.

So Sorry I Could Die – a stripped down yet intense blues ballad that also pays tribute to southern soul in its vocal delivery – is probably the most unusual song on the album and maybe even in THE HELLACOPTERS’ whole catalogue so far. Make sure to check it out below!

NICKE ANDERSSON (vocals & guitars) comments:
“The album has 10 songs and although it’s obviously not easy to be objective at all, I think musically it sums up everything we’ve touched upon from the start in 1994 up until now. Some of the songs date back as far as 10 years or more, and some were written more recently. It’s rock and roll played with high energy, so for lack of a better term I say High Energy Rock And Roll. You could say it sounds like The Beatles meets Judas Priest or Lynyrd Skynyrd meets the Ramones but the best way to describe this album is that it sounds like The Hellacopters today.”

One of the most incendiary and popular tracks on MINISTRY’s latest album Moral Hygiene is undoubtedly Sabotage Is Sex, the blistering collaboration between the one-and-only Al Jourgensen and his oft-collaborator Jello Biafra, of course the great mind behind the DEAD KENNEDYS. The two famously kickstarted their side-project LARD in the late ‘80s, a fusion of industrial and punk, and this latest collaboration may be a hint of things yet to come.

While Sabotage Is Sex has been pleasing ears since Moral Hygiene was released October 1st via Nuclear Blast Records, fans now have even more to feast on with the powerhouse new video – featuring both music icons and marking the first time Biafra has ever appeared in a music video.

Created by director Joel Smith of Mad Minute Productions (previous work includes Activision, Audi, Black Eyed Peas, U2, X Games), the gritty, black-and-white video makes a number of bold statements as only Jourgensen and Biafra can about the state of society in 2022, focusing on the corruption of the powers that be, racial injustice and the infringement on the rights of Americans.

Says Jourgensen of the piece, “Jello and I have been friends and music collaborators for decades. I had no idea he’d never done a video before and I’m honoured to pop that creative cherry for him on ‘Sabotage Is Sex.’ It’s crazy how tech savvy we’ve all gotten yet somehow it all seems very punk rock to shoot a video at home with just an iPhone. Who knows, maybe one day there will be a LARD video?”

Adds Biafra, “My compliments to the chef!! Not like any other MINISTRY video either. It’s amazing what can be done dirt cheap in your bedroom, with some kool found footage and a few clever ideas. Two phones, two takes and my work is done. Fun! I knew there’d finally come a day where I could bust out those Fez hats kids stole from their parents and threw at DEAD KENNEYS on our ‘85 FrankenChrist tour.”

The Polish Club train keeps on rolling, with their new single Unstable out and ready to rock your socks off. The Sydney duo have dropped 3 minutes and 51 seconds of mid-tempo rock just in time for their upcoming national tour in April.

Songwriters John-Henry Pajak and David Novak don’t see the point in stopping. If they stop doing it, they might never start again. The pair ceaselessly have songs and ideas to pull out and brute force into releases. It has long been the case and so it remains for this new track; a stable flow of songwriting leading them to recording Unstable with long-time producer Wade Keighran. It was a no brainer for Novak, “We found ourselves not wanting to stop the momentum after our last record. We couldn’t tour, and we had so many good songs left unfinished. So there was zero hesitation when it came to deciding to regroup with Wade in the studio and just punch out some rock songs.”

It’s been 5 years since MISS MAY I released music- The wait is over!!!

Levi Benton speaks on Unconquered (Produced by Grammy Awarded Will Putney (A Day To Remember, Body Count, Every Time I Die, The Amity Affliction) – “We as well as everyone else went through the ringer the last couple of years. Some of us worse than others and even more of us finding ourselves in the darkest places we never thought we’d end up. After that experience and making it out – it felt as if a battle had been won. That’s what ‘Unconquered’ is all about.”

MISS MAY I and their fans grew up together, a shared bond reflected by the music itself, equally inviting to longtime devotees and newcomers alike. Relatable real-life concerns present themselves across the band’s music and lyrical collaboration.

Levi Benton, B.J. Stead, Justin Aufdemkampe, Ryan Neff, and Jerod Boyd don’t shy away from arresting confessionals about depression and hopelessness in their heaviest, darkest, angriest songs. But a spirit of hope and a newly broadened worldview inform the album as well, with urgent vigor.

Unconquered, the first taste of new MISS MAY I music since 2017, is an anthem of resilience for the postmodern age. Unconquered is pure MISS MAY I. They remain unconcerned with commercial aspirations, fighting with authenticity and integrity to summon the most potent song of their career without sacrificing the heavy hooks that punctuated the crossover success of 2017’s colossal Shadows Inside.

Los Angeles based alt pop singer songwriter MOTHICA has released her powerful new single Sensitive via Rise Records/BMG. The honest and vulnerable track is an anthem for introverts everywhere.

MOTHICA explains the single, “I wanted to make the most upbeat and aggressive song about being an introvert. Because that’s how it feels to me when I have trouble expressing my emotions, sometimes it comes out as anger and frustration of being misunderstood. So we combined a metal guitar with a driving dance bass to illustrate this emotion just in time for Pisces season.”

Demonic outfit CRADLE OF FILTH are proud to release an extraordinary new video, accompanying their magnificently mournful track How Many Tears To Nurture A Rose?. The video premiered last night as part of CRADLE OF FILTH’s Infernal Vernal Equinox Deadstream, and now fans all across the globe can also bask in its sublime black magick.

Directed by Vicente Cordero, the stunning video winds a haunting tale – sinister, alluring and deadly. But he that dares not grasp the thorn, should never crave the rose…

Infamous front-man Dani Filth stated:
This is yet another great video by director Vicente Cordero, encapsulating the occult essence of the song’s lyricism with great sweeping colourful strokes of total batshit-craziness. It really makes for frightening, yet strangely compelling viewing!”

Heavy metal titans LAMB OF GOD join forces with MEGADETH to remake a true classic. Originally released in 1986, Wake Up Dead was the lead single from MEGADETH’s iconic multi-platinum selling album Peace Sells… but Who’s Buying?.

And now, one week before the second instalment of the US leg of their co-headline tour The Metal Tour of the Year is set to commence… LAMB OF GOD releases Wake Up Dead featuring Dave Mustaine and the members of MEGADETH. LAMB OF GOD vocalist D. Randall Blythe, guitarists Mark Morton and Willie Adler, bassist John Campbell and drummer Art Cruz recorded the MEGADETH classic remotely and recruited the MEGADETH frontman himself to feature guitar and vocals on the song.

Mustaine lent his signature vocal to the track, with lead guitar work on the various solos by LAMB OF GOD’s own Mark Morton, as well as MEGADETH’s Mustaine and Kiko Loureiro. The recording also includes vocal contributions from MEGADETH members James LoMenzo, Dirk Verbeuren and Kiko Loureiro.

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