Sooshi Mango @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 26/3/2022

Growing up in an ethnic family in Australia has its advantages and disadvantages. I should know! Brothers Joe and Carlo Salanitri along with best friend, Andrew Manfre created Sooshi Mango to honour and keep the memory alive of their parents as well as the European immigrants of the 50’s and 60’s. Coming to a new country not knowing the language and trying to establish a new life makes for lots of challenging and funny stories. The lads from Sooshi Mango have taken all those and rolled them into one funny comedy show in Off The Boat!

All the well-loved characters made an appearance. How can you not love Sam, Vince and Johnny? We go back in time, forty years ago to learn how the three paesano’s met and became friends. Going back in time to also meet the young Greeks Stavros, Tasso and Kosta and the three ‘bella’s’ Carmela, Angela and Guiseppina was also hilarious. The animated black and white silent films have all the comedy vibes of a Laurel and Hardy or Charlie Chaplin skit. Sooshi Mango have perfected the art of slapstick comedy and it highlights their comedic timing and abilities. 

The show takes us from yester year to today where we find out what the characters, after a lifetime in Australia, are up to in 2022. There are court room dramas, crazy fiss and tsip shop (Fish and Chip Shop) antics as well as trying to get a bird cage up a tree. Oh, and tomatoes. There’s always an argument about who has the biggest tomatoes in their garden!

There are some catchy 70s variety hour song and dance tunes with The Greasy Boys making an appearance. They sing parody of classic songs like Left Home and Mum Cried (Big Girls Don’t Cry by The Four Seasons) and Frankie Valli’s Oh What A Night (Marrying a Skip).  

The Sooshi Mango lads have created Off The Boat with music, lights and slapstick into a well-crafted comedy show. They’ve taken their life experiences and turned them into hilarious sketches. The night was a non-stop laugh out loud variety show! Its’s not just ‘wog’ humour. It’s just all round fun comedy!

Live Review By Anastasia Lambis

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