Joe Mungovan Is Hitting The Road In Support Of “A Flower In The Weeds”

NSW South Coast multi-instrumentalist, singer/ songwriter, producer and APRA award nominee Joe Mungovan is stoked to announce he will return to the stage for seven performances across the East Coast of Australia in February, March and April. For the very first time, Joe will be performing songs from his debut album A Flower In The Weeds with his full band, which includes drums, bass, keys, guitar and horns… with a few surprises up his sleeve too! Joe answers a few questions about being back on tour in support of his debut album.

Was it a huge relief and a buzz to be back on the road playing shows?
I can’t explain how exciting it is to be on the road with a new band playing the songs from my debut album!

Were you a little more nervous than normal?
We’ve got a whole new set up, so in that way, it is a bit more nerve wracking, but I think the excitement to get back out on the road overrides that.

After your first show in Melbourne how did you feel after?
Surreal. Also oddly familiar. It feels like 100 years since we’ve been out to play a show, but at the same time like no time has passed at all… it was fucking great to see people again.

Do you have to tweak the songs from your debut album so they work live?
It’s a completely different beast and I find I can get pretty carried away in the recording studio, in terms of how many tracks I like to layer… that can be tricky to pull off live, so we do have to make some adjustments.

Have you been pleased with the reaction to your debut album?
It feels like a dream to finally have it out in the world and for people to be connecting to these songs that are so close to my heart.

How hard has it been as a musician over the last 12-18 months to write music and tour it?
It’s been extremely frustrating with the stop/start nature of releasing tours. On a more positive note, it has definitely given me a lot more time to write music.

Are you feeling optimistic about touring the rest of the country?
I don’t really know where I stand on the whole thing… I guess having so many things cancelled over the past few years definitely teaches you to curb any premature enthusiasm for things.

Have you continued writing new songs?
I am constantly writing down lyrics and recording little ideas here and there on my phone. I am really looking forward to actually sitting down after this tour to write and collaborate with some different artists!

Do you think your second album will be the hardest?
I don’t think so. I’ve always tried to release music that comes to me naturally, so I guess I’ll keep writing and see what comes out.

What’s next for Joe Mungovan?
Lots and lots of (hopefully) touring.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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