Coyle Girelli On New Album ‘Funland’

NYC-based English troubadour Coyle Girelli will be celebrating the release of his new album Funland tomorrow which was written in isolation. Already we’ve been able to enjoy singles Here Comes My Baby and his collaboration with Peking Duk member Keli Holiday, Song Goes On and now new single Do You Wanna Dance is sure to impress. Coyle answers a few questions about the album for Hi Fi Way.

How has the build-up been leading up to the release of the single?
It’s been good. I’ve been releasing new music since last October and it’s been exciting to see the response to it all and watch it grow. I love this album and especially Do You Wanna Dance?, the next single and can’t wait for it to all be out there in the world.

Was the process of making your album as challenging as you thought?
The album all came together pretty quickly actually. It was instinctive for me to just throw myself into writing at the start of the pandemic and before I knew it I had the skeleton of a whole bunch of songs. Funland was a word and a concept I had been kicking around for a month or so before I started writing but took on a whole new meaning and life once I was out of the city in this moment of strangeness and uncertainty. Daydreaming and creating in relative solitude. Funland became a night time place of escape, debauchery, vice and pleasure. I was missing New York, my city. The New York City in my head that I was missing mixed with this mythical place that I had created in my mind became Funland. Once back in the city I took it into the studio and before I knew it I had a finished album.

Sonically, how would you describe your music?
That’s always a tough one. I guess it Indie Americana? If that’s a thing. Though i’m a Brit so does that make it Indie Ameri-Brit-cana? I just love throwing myself into rich sounds and creating worlds and spaces with music that people can get lost in. And everything I write or sing is from the heart. It’s heart on the sleeve stuff. If I don’t feel it I can’t sing it and I hope that resonates with people when they listen to it.

This new album FUNLAND is a magic collection of songs full of interesting characters, sounds, smells and moments. It’s a night out on the town. It’s a love at first sight and it’s a teenage heartbreak. It’s getting lost in your city and finding the best secret bar you’ve ever been to.

Who would you consider to be the biggest influence on your music and why?
I try pull inspiration from everywhere really. There was a lot of music played in my house growing up. My parents both love music. My grandma would play Italian operas. Puccini and Verdi mainly. My dad played a lot of Americana like Jackson Browne, Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty. I feel like I kind of marinated in all of that music as a kid and that’s stayed with me. To this day I still love all that stuff. I love the opera and go regularly in New York to the Met. Puccini is the greatest melody writer in history in my opinion. I just love anything that makes me feel. That really connects. And love Americana. The imagery, the earthy sounds of the music and the heart on sleeve lyrics.

As well as this I’d say over the years that David Bowie, Kate Bush, Springsteen, Roy Orbison and The Beatles are constant influences. Musically this new album was more influenced by the music I was listening to when I wrote it. A lot of Leonard Cohen, The War on Drugs, Alvvays, Hamilton Leithauser, Cigarettes After Sex and Springsteen.

Best piece of advice you have been given?
Don’t overthink it and trust your gut

What is the Coyle Girelli life story?
Oh there’s a lot in that question. There’s been a lot so far and there’s even more to come. I’ll write a biography some day and tell you all about it. I’m a fortunate man though that’s for sure. Until the book then…

Are you looking to tour more broadly?
There are some dates here and there starting to be put together. I have a show in New York in a few weeks and then will be down to SXSW in Austin, Texas. Nothing planned for Australia yet but I hope to get there soon and tour more broadly as the year goes and things get back to a bit more normal.

What’s next for Coyle Girelli?
Funland my next album comes out on Feb 25. There’s a lot more music to come after that. I’d say a couple more albums worth are ready. I also have a few musicals in workshop in New York. So lots more music and shows.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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