The Jungle Giants @ Thebarton Theatre, Adelaide 11/2/2022

If any band is going to lift the collective spirit and energy of Adelaidians it would no doubt be The Jungle Giants. Hats off to the band, the promoter and the Thebarton Theatre staff who were able to make this show work. It was definitely a different vibe being a seated show when the instinct of the majority was to get up and dance. The COVID marshals and venue security had their hands full the majority of the night trying to curtail the pent up frustrations of those just wanting to dance. Nevertheless, what was experienced was a great night out celebrating The Jungle Giants relatively new album Love Signs.

The band’s energy and enthusiasm is infectious and it’s hard to not feel anything but fantastic after their show. What Love Signs does show is a band who have lifted their intensity and are even a greater force to be reckoned with. Opening with On Your Way Down the fans were shaking their hips and grooving away in their seats. If anything the last two years has taught us is that we need live music to enrich and nourish our souls. The fans could feel it, the band could feel and that energy was undeniable.

The Jungle Giants have plenty of awesome songs to choose from and they explored all corners of their back catalogue. It was great to hear She’s A Riot from their debut EP which was followed by new tune Treat You Right. Front man Sam Hales was excitable and told the fans it was great to be back seeing all their smiling faces. Set staples Bad Dream and Quiet Ferocity were stellar as was Charge My Phone. Waiting For A Sign was followed by maximum audience participation required in Something Got Between Us encouraging a two part sing-a-long which worked a treat.

The way the show just flowed made it feel as if time had literally floated by as Feel The Way I Do, Here I Come and Monstertruck zipped by. Heartless is an awesome tune and one of many highlights this time round, wow! Hales again thanked Adelaide for hanging on to their tickets and were grateful to be here once again. By the time Send Me Ur Loving and Love Signs appeared in their set the vast majority of fans were up and out of their seats dancing with security losing control and will to fight it opting to let it go.

The encore was fantastic and the vibe in Thebarton Theatre was fever pitch with In Her Eyes and finishing on Heavy Hearted. I’m definitely looking forward what’s next for The Jungle Giants.

Live Review By Rob Lyon

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