Hypnotist Matt Hale Brings ‘Absolute Chaos’ To The Adelaide Fringe

Last time he came to Adelaide he was Bonkers! and this time he’s just bringing Absolute Chaos! Hypnotist Matt Hale has a ‘brand-new, all-ages-friendly show of Hypno-laughs’ that’s running from 18 February to 20 March at Gluttony. These shows are fast, funny and full of laughs. If you’re unsure about hypnosis then Grab Ya Tix for this show and see what the fuss is all about. Matt Hale chatted with Hi Fi Way about what you can expect from one of his shows.

You have a new show for this year’s Adelaide Fringe called Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos!. Tell us a bit about it!
After Adelaide embraced the hilarious wild ride that was my show Bonkers! last year, I’ve taken it up a level with another hour of high energy, ridiculously silly, stupidly fun hypno laughs with a huge party vibe. There’ll be crazy dance moves, penguins, dinosaurs, surfing and more! You can take part, or enjoy from the audience (always your choice of course!), but I want everyone leaving with a massive grin on their face.

How do you keep coming up with new ideas for your shows especially through these unpredictable times?
Strange ideas come to me all the time, whether in the shower, in the car, trying to fall asleep at night… so I pop them into my voice recorder. Along with those random thoughts, I keep an eye on what things have been big over the last year (music, Netflix shows, silly trends etc) and then try to find a silly angle. Obviously they’re hilarious in my head, but I have to run a couple of test shows to make sure they work as well in real life. So what you end up seeing at the show is the final polished road-tested crazy!

What’s the best part about performing at Adelaide Fringe?
I present a show that relies on the audience for not only the vibe of the show with the audience cheering, clapping, laughing but the audience also provides the stars of the show, and Adelaide audiences are just so up for that. Every night it’s like a big one hour party, and it’s always such a buzz at the end. Plus I get to hang out with so many fellow performers who I may only see once or twice a year, and where my schedule fits, even get to see their shows! Normally during the year, we’re all performing in different cities on different nights.

What other shows will you be appearing in at the Fringe?
I’m very excited to bring my world first clubbing concept The Clubnosis Experience: House Music Guided Visualisation to Gluttony for the first time. I mesh my DJ background and what I know about the mind to guide your imagination on the dancefloor, using Silent Disco headphones and custom visuals for a truly immersive experience, with some banging four to the floor beats!

Tell us why is so important to support the arts and artists during the Adelaide Fringe.
No surprise it’s been another tough year for anyone who makes a living in the performing arts. It’s a costly exercise to put on a Fringe show, but we do it because we know the joy that a good show can give, stays with an audience for a long time. With enough people embracing those good times and spreading the word, we can continue to do so!

What are you looking forward to the most about coming back to Adelaide for the Fringe?
Chilling out in Gluttony around the food and bar tables on those balmy nights after a show, whether chatting to people who’ve just been to Absolute Chaos, or hanging out with other performers who’ve also just finished their own show. Love that happy buzz of the place! And during the day, outside of Fringe, I try and spend as much time wing foiling on the ocean around Seacliff and up and down the coast. It’s very soulful, and really clears my head in preparation for another big night at Fringe!

Interview by Anastasia Lambis

Tickets and show information for Comedy Hypnotist Matt Hale: Absolute Chaos! at FringeTix. Grab Ya Tix!

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