Steve Hackett – Genesis Revisted 2022

Steve Hackett, as the powerhouse guitarist for one of the most important progressive rock bands ever, has been a guiding influence for musicians and guitarists for over 40 years.

Following the one/two punch of Nursery Cryme & Foxtrot, both driven by the muscular guitars of new member Steve Hackett, Genesis were ready to launch what would become their finest album, Selling England By The Pound.

Easing back on the throttle marginally, and immersing themselves in English whimsy and eccentricity, Genesis delivered just under an hour of delicate prose, wondrous melodies and, of course, the soaring leadlines of Steve Hackett.

By 1977 Genesis with Phil Collins out front launched the powerhouse double live album Seconds Out featuring the band’s greatest songs to date. It was to be Steve Hackett’s last album with the band, but what a high point to leave on.

Finally, now, 45 years after the release of Seconds Out, and nearly 50 years on from the release of Selling England By The Pound, Steve Hackett will be performing both albums in full in a series of Australian concerts.

Steve’s exceptional debut antipodean tour in 2017 left audiences stunned by the majestic performances by Hackett and his virtuoso band. How do you top that? Come witness the spectacle of Steve’s incendiary 2022 world tour shows to see how it’s done.

“I’m thrilled to once more play those great countries Australia and New Zealand, with the most dynamic band I’ve ever had celebrating Genesis music at its most inspiring.” Steve Hackett

Tickets currently held by ticketholders are valid for the new dates and that seating will remain as originally allocated.

Tickets through DRW Entertainment

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