The feel good family movie hit of the summer holidays would have to be Sing 2 and without question most people who saw Sing probably thought that the likelihood of a sequel would be slim. Nothing is impossible these days as the original gang return with a positive and uplifting story that has plenty to hold children’s attention and still keep it entertaining for the parents.

The storyline this time round is much grander. The original movie premises was hinged on hosting a singing contest to save a struggling small town theatre. This time round koala Buster Moon (Matthew McConaughey) wants to set his hopes, dreams and aspirations even higher now that his small town theatre is thriving. However, when Suki (Chelsea Peretti) a foxy talent scout tells him and his troupe that they are not good enough to reach the dizzy heights of all the glitz and glamour in the big time of Redshore City. Buster takes this as a challenge and the rest of the movie starts to unfold.

Buster brings back the rest of the gang to go full tilt at a shot of having their show make it in Redshore City (a Las Vegas of sorts). Rosita (Reece Wetherspoon), Ash (Scarlett Johansson), Johnny (Taron Egerton) join Buster in their quest where they cross paths with entertainment mogul Jimmy Crystal (Bobby Cannavale), a wolf, who isn’t impressed by their pitch. Crystal’s interest is heightened when a sci-fi show featuring the reclusive Clay Calloway (Bono) is put on the table giving them three weeks to put on the show – with Clay or else.

There are some positives themes about never giving up on your dreams, being persistent and overcoming challenges thrown your way. Trying to get the reclusive Clay Calloway back on to the stage, turning Crystal’s untalented daughter Porsha Crystal (Halsey) in to a lead in the show, Johnny who can’t learn the dance moves to save himself and the narcissistic yak Darius (Eric Andre) who is not of much help when performing a romantic duet with Meena (Tori Kelly) are some of the stories that reinforce those themes.

Writer and director Garth Jennings voices the role of glass eyed iguana Miss Crawly, who works as Buster Moon’s personal assistant, becomes an important part of the story in the quest to coax Colloway back to the stage. Porcupine Ash (Scarlett Johannson) and Buster set about on their mission in finding Colloway. Are they successful? Well, you’ll need to see the film. Sing 2 is definitely the feel good family movie for the holidays and well worth checking out. The soundtrack is fantastic and the lead song Your Song Saved My Life by U2 complements the film perfectly.

Movie Review By Rob Lyon

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