Relive Your Glory Days With The Borderers! The People’s Choice Award winners Are Back At The Gov This Sunday

After twenty seven years of very hard slog, it’s all starting to come to fruition now as The Borderers have just been voted the People’s Choice winners at the inaugural Australian Folk Alliance Music Awards! The Borderers are also very excited to be working with the Hollywood film director Paul Boyd, who is currently writing the screenplay for the band’s new musical Maitland Wonder based on the life of the legendary Australian boxer – Les Darcy. The Borderers play at The Gov on Sunday, so grab a ticket and hear why The Borderers are Hollywood bound, and see why they’re now officially Australia’s favourite folk band. Find out more in a quick Q&A with Jim Paterson.

Congratulations on the AFM Award, must mean a lot being voted by the fans?
In regards to the AFM Award, it did mean a lot being voted by the fans. It showed that they cared enough to spend time on the voting portal.

Is it a huge relief with things starting to open up and being able to play more shows?
It is a huge relief with things starting to open up and being able to play more shows. We normally play 136 shows a year, but it’s now averaged out to about 12 now. This also means that the APRA royalties have vastly diminished. 2022 is starting to look a lot better though.

How much are you looking forward to your show at The Gov this Sunday?
We are really looking forward to the show at The Gov this Sunday. It’s actually our favourite venue in Australia, and the very spot that I met my wife ( and singer ) Alex in 1994. The BordererS have even recorded a live album at the Gov. Got married there and would’ve had our daughter there, if they’d have let us. Ha, ha.

What can fans expect to hear on Sunday?
The fans can expect to hear a lot of their old favourites, plus a few from the new Hollywood musical Maitland Wonder on Sunday.

How much does a venue like The Gov mean to the band?
A venue like The Gov means so much to the band because it’s always improving ( indoors & outdoors ) The staff are brilliant to work with too. We even had one of the Tonkin’s (Richard) in the band for three years.

Any plans to do the Status Quo inspired show again?
No, there’s no plans to do the Status Quo inspired show again as the fans told us that they actually preferred the BordererS original material.

How hard have all these restrictions been on The Borderers?
The restrictions on The Borderers have been hard in one sense, but the band also has a Hollywood Musical Movie on the go, plus have developed a whole load of new plans for the future.

Have you been able to write a lot of new songs during this time?
Yes, the band has been able to write a lot of new songs during this time. They’ve also developed a new show called ‘Right By Your Side” the Eurythmics and BordererS story which has been endorsed by David Mitchell ( Michael Parkinson, Dame Edna, Shout! Etc,,, )

What’s next for The Borderers?
What’s next for The Borderers is producing and promoting a new SA festival. ‘Music in the Valley’ next March 26th in Inman Valley (near Victor Harbour).

Interview By Rob Lyon

Catch The Borderers at The Gov this Sunday 7 November, on stage at 1.00pm. Tickets from The Gov

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