Oasis Knebworth 1996 Hits Australian Cinemas

OASIS KNEBWORTH GIG 10-8-1996 by Jill Furmanovsky

Oasis Knebworth 1996 is set to arrive in Australian cinemas on 10th November. The cinematic release of Oasis Knebworth 1996 will serve as a timely reminder to fans new and old of the euphoria and togetherness that only a great concert can bring. Already a critically acclaimed, commercial hit internationally- topping the UK box office on day of release and becoming the UK’s Highest-grossing documentary of 2021- Oasis Knebworth 1996 is the story of the special relationship between Oasis and their fans that made the largest concert of the ‘90’s possible. It is told entirely in the moment through the eyes of the fans who were there, built around extensive, and never before seen archive concert and backstage footage from the event, with additional interviews with the band and concert organisers. Directed by Grammy Award-nominee Jake Scott, this is a joyful and at times poignant cinematic celebration of one of the most iconic live concert events of the last 25 years, driven entirely by the music, and the fans’ own experiences of that monumental weekend. Tickets for Oasis Knebworth 1996 are on sale now.

Oasis’ two record breaking nights at Knebworth took place on 10th & 11th August 1996, with over a quarter of a million young music fans from all over the world converging on Knebworth Park, Hertfordshire, UK to see the legendary sets. Tickets went on sale in May 1996. Queues formed outside local record shops and ticket offices overnight, and fans around the world spent the day on their landline phones trying to get through to constantly engaged booking lines. All tickets sold out in less than 24 hours, breaking every UK box office record in the process. Organisers estimated the band could have sold two or three times as many tickets. Over 2% of the population of the UK had attempted to buy tickets.

The monumental shows were set against a backdrop of the UK slowly recovering from a decade of recession. Emerging from the ‘80s, the mood of the nation was changing. A cultural resurgence in arts and culture was giving rise to Cool Britannia and, in their meteoric rise, Oasis embodied that new found optimism and swagger. Two short years had taken the band from their council estate in Manchester to becoming one of the biggest bands in the world and for the congregated masses, seeing themselves in the five men on stage in front of them, anything felt possible. Featuring a setlist absolutely packed from beginning to end with stone cold classics, from the opening salvo of Columbia and Acquiesce, all the way to Champagne Supernova, Don’t Look Back In Anger, Live Forever, a triumphant, orchestra backed I Am The Walrus, and the first song from the 1990s to cross one billion streams on Spotify, Wonderwall, the Knebworth concerts were both the pinnacle of the band’s success and the landmark gathering for a generation.

The film is produced by Black Dog Films for Kosmic Kyte Ltd. Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher serve as executive producers. It is financed and distributed by Sony Music Entertainment and released theatrically by Trafalgar Releasing.

Liam Gallagher says “Knebworth fo​r me was the Woodstock of the 90’s. It was all about the music and the people. I can’t remember much about it, but I’ll never forget it. It was Biblical.”

Noel Gallagher says “I can’t believe we never played Rock ‘n’ Roll Star!”

The cinematic release will be followed by a special live album, also titled Oasis Knebworth 1996. The album will be released on 19th November via Big Brother Recordings Ltd on formats including 2CD and triple LP on heavyweight vinyl with the digital version of the album featuring HD audio. The DVD will be available as a triple disc set including the cinematic documentary plus both nights of the live concert in full, edited by Dick Carruthers with audio mixed by Will Shapland in Dolby 5.1 surround sound, with the Blu-ray in single disc format. Limited edition formats include the 2CD with DVD of the cinematic documentary, plus a Super Deluxe Box Set including the triple LP, 2CD and triple DVD plus replicas of the original gig memorabilia, available exclusively from the band’s online store. All formats are available for pre-order here.




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