Johnny Hunter Release New Single “Life”

The new single from Johnny Hunter has arrived. It’s striking, evocative and executed with a vibrancy that can instantly captivate. Simply titled Life, the latest track from the Sydney group freely dives into a multi-layered soundscape that reflects the intricacies and unpredictability of the subject itself. Built on a foundation of strong guitars, rhythms and synth work that provide moments of euphoria amongst the brooding, Life is a touchstone release for Johnny Hunter. Here, the band offers up a moment of catharsis – an avenue to find a renewed passion for life when we’re at our lowest. As the band’s second release through Cooking Vinyl Australia, Life is another stride forward for Johnny Hunter as they head into a new creative cycle of releases. The band give Hi Fi Way an insight to the single.

How has the build up been to the new single Life?
Fantastic, coming off the Floor was a hard act to follow and I think Life has really delivered. It’s the perfect contrast.

What is the story behind the single?
The idea was born in the form of an alcoholics hymn. Originally written in the vein of Springsteen, reflecting upon the guilt I felt pouring beers for alcoholics in order to fund my own drinking habits. I felt this existence to be futile, pointless and overall detrimental to my idea of happiness. Fresh air and sunlight is a luxury when confined to the four walls of a pub. I began to ask what it was that made me happy and What it meant to live.

What has the fan response been like so far?
So positive, we’re thrilled that we continue to connect to those who unconditionally support us.

How would you compare it sonically to some of your other music?
I believe it’s the next logical step from a song like Try As You May although a lot of listeners believe it’s different to anything we’ve released before.

Is the band building towards and album or EP next year?
That’s for us to know and you to find out. What we can say is that there will be more music coming in the new year.

Do you think signing to Cooking Vinyl has opened a few more doors to getting your music out there?
Absolutely, we’ve been lucky enough to have signed with a label who respects our craft and is willing to nurture us to become better artists. I know for a fact that making the video for Life in the UK would’ve been near impossible to do had we been independent or signed to a company who didn’t really care.

Who would you say is the biggest shared musical influence/ inspiration for the band?
Joy Division

Did the band lose much momentum last year due to the pandemic?
Someone once told me, to stand still is to go backwards. I’ve really taken that on as my mantra so we’ve been releasing to keep it going but we’ve been Absolutely affected by the situation, we’re a live band! I think people only begin to understand Johnny Hunter when we play live because we pour our heart and soul into our shows.

Are you looking forward to being able to tour more broadly around the country over the summer?

What’s next for Johnny Hunter?
Big releases and big shows.

Interview By Rob Lyon

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